Help developing clairsenses

I want to develop my astral senses (clairsentience and clairaudience atleast) through discipline because i wasn’t born with these abilities developed.
I heard that by constantly focusing on my physical body( like being aware of it) , i could develop empathy (clairsentience) .
Koetting tells that these skills can be developed by maintaining the theta gamma sync. How can i maintain the tgs by walking on the street or in the metro?
Or please tell me what methods can you suggest for me in order to develop my clair - senses. I appreciate every answer. I feel like blind an deaf.
Other people which I know can sense things only by holding their palm over a demonic sigil…or they can feel the dark energy within me from a distance. I want to develop my senses and i ask for your guidance !
Thank you!

I have a topic on how to hear spirits. Look for that in the new magician section.

I was able to achieve those experiences after starting regular meditation and activating kundalini though breathing exercises.

Check out my thread on the General Discussion forum about Jason Miller’s Rite Ov General Offerings.5
I’ve been having a lot of paranormal activity in my house since practicing this rite daily.At least every other day.
Get the book The Sorcerer’s Secrets.

If you can’t get your hands on it for whatever reason PM me and I’ll give you the ritual rite out of the book.

Also sitting in complete darkness while in trance will help you develop the ability to start seeing energy which in time will take the form of spirits.Sometimes vague sometimes not.

Also practice chakra meditation.
Take a deep breath and focus that breath into your root chakra.
Then vibrate AUM and as you do bring the energy from the root chakra through the rest of your chakras then focus it on your Ajna (third eye) chakra.

If your feel a pressure in the middle of your brow this is a sign of blockage.
Take your fingertips and pull the blockage away from your Ajna chakra from side to side and up and down.Like you’re prying something open.

Continue the AUM vibration then when you feel no pressure inhale and visualize indigo light enterinhnyour Ajna.

Also you could make An altar to An entity that helps with these senses like Mepsitahl,Paralda,Aostoth,Gabrial,Sastan,or even Lucifer or Azazel.

I wouldn’t start with the last 2 if your a beginner though.

Make sure to have a couple of candles (preferably purple) and arrange them in a triangle facing you.Annoint.them with Psychic Vision oil if you can get some and carve the entity’s name into them.
Give offerings of incense,flowers, and alcohol to start off with until you can communicate with the entity and ask them.

Have a pen and paper ready along with at least 5 questions.
You’ll start receiving what will feel like your own thoughts but eventually you’ll start to notice these “thoughts” are coming from somewhere else.

Don’t analise the info you reicieve and just write it down.
Don’t just straight away ask for your senses to be open up
Build a relationship first.
Also have a black mirror hung above in case you receive any images or close your eyes in case you receive any images in your minds eye.

Also massaging your Ajna in pitch black will help.

And finally (I cannot emphasize this enough) start practisizing enegy work everyway.Google energy raising rituals,But I reccomend starting with the MP.

Good luck and keep us posted


PS:As you pull the energy blockade from your Ajna visualize an eye opening in the middle of your brow.
Once again good luck!