Help Dealing with a Narcissistic Mother

i don´t want to go into details right now but i want this bitch to suffer, i´m fucking tired of it, can someone help me, i want my mother to suffer, i fucking hate her, she´s a religious psycopath, she deserves it

Distance yourself from her, if possible.

You don’t need to take out a sword when just a needle can do the work.

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i can´t, this is my last option i have with dealing with her, that´s why i´m making this thread, i´m full of hatred towards her, 20 years dealing with her shit

Not to sound offputting or offend you but passive agressive approaches rarely work.

I have a few ideas that could help you

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please, i can´t take it anymore

I sent you a Pm

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Maybe you should think about binding her, if it’s not enough or you want to do something more later then you can obviously go one step ahead, if you truly want.

I’m not against cursing parents and many parents deserve to die, in my opinion, but I advise you to think about it again, you don’t wanna do something that you would regret later in life.

If you’re 10000% sure that you will never regret it later and want to do great damage then you can do as you wish.

Search on this forum and work with the entity that you feel is the right one.

i don´t want to kill her, i just want her to suffer and if possible, that she can get out of my life for once

i just want to add to anyone reading this, last night i did the Initiation Rite to become a Satanist, and i cursed Jehova´s name, and to add, my mother´s a religious lunatic (part of the pentecostal sect) so that might had an influence as to why she was acting so bitchy now

Beliel can help you with that, he’s great in removing all kinds of toxic and damaging relationships from people’s lives. Just be very clear to him about what you actually want and don’t let him fill in the blanks.

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You have to understand everything in universe is selfish. Nobody really cares about you unless you hold value to them. Once you realise that nobody really cares unless they get somethi g out of it you can finally live in peace knowi g the truth. Even if truth sucks.

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Ever thought about just moving out and losing contact with her?

i just want revenge

Narcissists are control freaks. How better a revenge than to not allow any more control?

Passive aggressiveness is never the answer.