Help deal with stress

My life is stressing me out people are littterly on purpose making me stressed I didn’t even notice I scratched my arm up because of it is there any spirit who can teach me or tell me or advice me on what to do I want them to stop and I want a way to deal with stress that will not cause harm to myself … I’m looking for advice or magic I’ll take ether knowledge right now a spell to make them go away or knowledge on how to deal with it


Remember, whatever/whoever engenders an emotional reaction in you, controls you. Whether you are stressed about money, or your job, or other people, by being “stressed,” you are allowing these situations and people into your mind and they become your god, and you their puppet.

These people cannot make you stressed. Only YOU can. As a magician, your mind should be under your control and yours alone.

It’s much easier said than done, and I still struggle with it myself, but emotional equanimity is a very necessarily part of magical training, and life.


I have been trying to replace emtional thinking with logical thinking .but you are correct

When it come down to logic versus emotion, emotion will win every time.

You need to be in control of your emotions, not turn them off. You don’t want to be an emotionless automaton, but you also don’t want to allow your emotional reactions to rule you.

One of the simplest, yet simultaneously difficult, things to learn to do, is to allow the emotion to express itself, while at the same time acknowledging that YOU are not the emotion.

Step back from the emotion rampaging through your mind, accept it as part of your being (because it is) but also acknowledge that there is another part of your being that is beyond the emotion, and you can CHOOSE which part to give expression at any given time.

Once you acknowledge the emotion’s right to express itself instead of fighting it, you gain control over it, and it ceases to be your master.


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