HELP! Curse or Awakening?!

I’ve had strange third eyes sensations, and there not ones that I’ve heard of or read about. The most common sensation is a hard pressing agenst a point above both brows, it’s not you’re typical, “slight pressure in the center of you’re forhead” they are all points around my eye brow. They also seem to occur on accuponcture points in the head. And evtually then I’ll start getting the same hard point pressure maybe a little under where the third eye should be.

I’m really haven’t done a lot of experience in the spirit body healing or Awakening process so any input would be appreciated


Sounds like a challenge from a dieiety :).

EMF sensitivity causes the same feeling as third eye pressure, stress also but try knocking off your phone , tv and WiFi, it usually starts with me on front of the idiot box, with the advent of 5G about to hit the streets this electromagnetic radiation will really start to mess with our auric fields, seriously try turning off all WiFi appliances and see if the pressure stops.


How do you figure?

I’ll try doing that thanks

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Deietiys often challenge ones with bullshit to see if their Worthy. If your cursed you’d know it lol