Help Connecting With Astaroth

So lately I’ve been feeling like I’m not as connected with Astaroth if that makes any sense. I’ve also never really had a physical experience. I just wanted some tips on invoking her and how I should go about asking if she could help with my daily life. Love, success, the usual. I’m a beginner to all of this so please don’t attack me if I sound stupid lol. A few months ago she did help me and I gave her public appraisal but I just feel like everything is falling apart again.

Hey! Just use the search function above, im sure that you will find a lot of threads about it.

Helps to build a shrine including her different aspects. I made a sigil outlined with crystals. I just make offerings, flowers, choclolates, crystals, idols, incense, the usual.

She gives me premonitions of what lessons are to come, protects me(put another sorceror in the hospital), and helps me fulfill my objectives.

Just build a relationship with her like you would any friend. I use the altar sorta like an anchor to remind me of her and to have a place for all her offerings and things.

If you have a powerful spell to cast put blood on the sigil and simply ask for help. This works for me everytime but im gonna guess its up to the discretion of ashtoreth.