Help, communication spell went wrong :(

Hey everyone!

I thought I might share what happened recently, as I’m extremely confused and fed up….
Last Friday I called upon the demon Diralisin under Lucifer. The goal was to open communication between me and a guy I have soul connection with. We haven’t been in touch for many years, but I recently saw him (we always meet “coincidentally”). The thing is that a lot of drama happened between me and him a few years ago, so it’s his turn to text me, I can’t do it.
I also have a new profile and now he knows how that I changed over the years and what I do etc… I’m not sure if he’s intimidated, as I’m now pursuing the same career as him etc and sharing my talents….
So his best friend also watched my IG stories… but from him nothing.

On Saturday I called Paymon for whole other thing…music related stuff…

The next day I get a message from a very known Heavy Metal Dude who’s a famous teacher on the internet. He is flirting with me but I feel a bit weird about it.
I don’t know if this is a test from Paimon and or Diralisin delivering in a strange way???

Any other girl would be flattered and happy that a known YouTuber is hitting her up, but I’m frustrated because I want my boo back!!! I thought the universe is giving me another chance with him… Retro Jupiter in my 7th house

Please let me know what you think! If I should try again with another spirit!

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In the first instance it seems clear that the demon is active on your behalf and that’s a good thing. Very often demons may not fully understand the intricacies of human connections and may sometimes take a more prosaic view of things in delivering results.

You asked for communication from a named person of interest, it delivered you communication from “A” person of interest, perhaps that is what is in your present sphere of availability, being the quantum of what is possible for us at any given time.

Dyou know I once asked the demon Sitri to induce lust for me in a particular person, the demon delivered lust alright, so well…that the person concerned got herself pregnant in quick time by another person…the demon’s core job being to deliver the feelings of lust in the person and then one must place oneself in a position to take advantage. I suspect the same here…

Thank the spirit for its efforts and try again and if nothing happens then just know that it isn’t meant to be.
All the best.


Do you mean Friday 10th September? It’s Monday 13th in my part of the world, so I’m guessing it’s latest Monday or Sunday where you are.

That gives you a turnaround time of… shall we say roughly 3 days, 72 hours?

Do you normally get results in such a short period of time? It’s certainly not unheard of, but given you mentioned this:

…I’m guessing there is some resistance, or at least, it’s slightly more complicated than, say, being contacted by someone you’ve been in a healthy romantic relationship with for months or years.

I’m going to link a post I wrote not long ago here, I hope it helps to put things in perspective.

If you don’t wish to read it, then – tl;dr don’t consider your working a “failure”, especially if the ritual has barely had more than a few days to sink in; consider them a “misfire”, or alternatively a sign that your results are in progress, and remain steadfast in that belief. (And note this advice stands whether it was Friday just gone, the 10th, or the Friday prior, the 3rd.) And I wish you the best of luck :bouquet:


Very interesting explanation sorry that that occurred instead of having lust feelings just for you? How did you write out the petition?

I’m wondering how to ask a demon correctly to just have lustful feeling for you?

Maybe my mindset is off.


Nothing to be sorry for really, it was just one of those things and a lesson learnt. Without wishing to derail this thread, I would just simply state that I summoned the entity to manifestation and then gave it my charge clearly and succinctly.


Thank you for your answer! I think you are right with the availability of events :frowning:
It’s just kinda strange and frustrating that a famous person messages me out of the blue instead of my person of interest.
I will try again and update

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You are definitely right, it’s only 3 days but yes I get results fast from time to time.
I just thought that it failed because of the famous guy messaging me. :confused:
I will wait and try again, perhaps petitioning Sallos. And def not calling Paimon afterwards, he tends to do these things :joy:
Thank you so much for your answer, I will read carefully the other thread :relaxed:

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