(Help) Candle Magic

Holy shit! Dude I think I’m on to something and I need some questions answered pretty pretty please. (:slightly_smiling_face:

For reference:
1.) I have already read the book Anna Rivas “ Candle Burning Magic”
2.) I have watched Connor Kendalls video on Candle black magic 101

Please keep it relevant. I would very much appreciate whoever. (:smiling_face:

Question one: I am looking for the color gold.
What is the best online store to get all colors and to dress it up real nice?
I have already came across luciferianapotheca, different websites would be great.

Question 2: Besides dressing it up to enhance the candle magic session… Would candles even be necessary rather than just have a lit flame? Because fire is a powerful element to create a portal for me and entity’s to help assist with the magic intention. Would a lit flame be the only thing necessary without considering the material? Like wood or a lit stove, etc… It seems that the wax candles being dressed up is great to enhance but again, would a Lit flame be the only thing necessary for an experienced magician who can filter out energies pretty well?

Thank you so much for reading and even more so for an reply. (:star_struck:

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Do you mean “dressed up” as in decorated, or “dressed” in the folk magick way as in anointed with magickally consecrated oils, spices and herbs and carved with sigils or written on with names to fix your intent into the candle?

The cheapest one you can find in your country, :woman_shrugging: wax is wax until you make it magick and candle prices are double right now.

Lots of people use electric lights or phone lights and say it’s not a problem. I personally prefer not to because I can feel the change in energy due to the electronics and I don’t like it. I don’t like to use candles with zinc wick cores either, it changes the alchemy just a tiny bit and it’s not what I want. I want a very plain, cotton core flame not a flame with metal in it. But I’m not you… I suggest you just try it for yourself and go with what works for you.

Yes, if it’s the energy you care about and not just a focus for intention, then you want the energy of a real flame. An electronic flame is metal glowing white hot, it’s very confined, there’s less plasma, it doesn’t release scent from the wax pool, the quality of light is different and the electronics interact with the entities differently. A flame is free to dance and smoke and be affected by the spirit more than an LED.

Take one of each, compare the ambience of both, and pick the one you prefer or that suits your working. Maybe if you’re doing a binding then a tight, highly controlled, cool and safe electronic LED is what you want?

I find it’s better to work in complete darkness myself, and I use a candle flame to read by as the least intrusive light source possible.

Occasionally a flame ise used as a portal, then that requires an actual flame, and the burning of items trabsports them into the spiirt world. You can’t light things on fire with LEDs. You can make a portal a different way but then there’s no point having a fake flame anyway, you can trace a doorway in the air and call it a portal, the LED is just for pretties at that point.


LEDS? Dude that’s crazy! I never thought about that, I’m gonna write that in my notes… but anyways

Yes. Dressed in the folk magic way is what I am planning on using, however if I am already pretty good at manifesting energy and intention with my self, then it sounds like a live flame is all I need. Holy shit… I think I just need a lighter in my pocket at all times at this point.