Help: Blackest passion binding spell

Hey guys this may sound weird but I’m currently looking for a very very dark black love binding spell

I know that sounds stupid but I just feel like I should ask

Basically just a very dark black magick spell that would bound me and this spirit with the blackest and darkest of love so we are bonded together this is of course with the spirits consent she’s actually the one who suggested I should look here

Sorry I sound crazy any help would be very much appreciated

P.s. sorry about my bad grammar

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U sure, of tat,? I have read of peopls who marry santa muerte ten regreat it. And things go south. Anyway u can adk santa muerte asmodeus astaroth, but if sucubus, spirt loves you like you why the hell want to bind it to you.? I mean tey are supost to suport u. Live u. Unconditional. Anyway its a history a wowen go to a witch bcse her husband has cheating whit all town. He ask u sure you want tat guy 4 u only,? She say yes well guy get sick. No cheat. And she is the inly to have. Good luck. And tat binding includes blood.

Nope and keep your judgement to yourself

I’m not going to argue with some know it all over a post you have your opinion that’s fine
I understand why you’d think that but don’t waste my time if you came only to judge okay?

I’m not sure why the question was met with such hostility, it was a valid question. There are a lot of posters here that are either in high school or right out of high school, and no one is judging any of them, no one is judging you.

If you’re looking for a binding spell, I’m sure you can find one if you search the forum. The potency depends on your intent, so of you want it to be the darkest of dark spells, throw everything you can into the spell to make it that way.

Good luck :bouquet:

Thank you very much

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I wont preach anything but i have to say give it two weeks Highschool love becomes tomorrows drama.

But a word of advice. Be careful what you ask for.

Honestly, a typical binding of yourself and the spirit would be efficient. But i would be sure that the spirit is who they say they are first, or else you could be walking into some hardship.

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I’m not in high school and I’m talking about a spirit lol

The advice still stands. Be careful what you wish for. As you may just recieve it. And as some earlier posts claimed. It sure seemed like you were in highschool. But if not my apologies.

No worries thank you for the advice

I know 1 so easy to do.the only thing is never never has sex whit a person.never she will bring you riches protection etc not incubus etc but a real love spirt.some of guys who try it are doing good but miss company.its in finbarr books.