Help? Anybody who can see if this has any energy coming off

also not the best at drawing lol

It is coming off of it, but it is subtle, at least, to my senses.

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The energy is subtle, your energy however is the most mixed into it.

I agree that it is subtle. But, playing around with it, it does seem to generate more when you visualize the sigil spinning like a disc (although it could just be my usual maddness talking). Might be helpful for whatever you are using it for

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Thank you So it’s open and just needs to be charged more?

I like friend! Your style is in some ways reminiscent to mine (that is if you designed this yourself) ill give this the lil, creativeusername scanerino

It opens up for me quite easily (i view a lot of the lines extending out into the 3rd and 4th dimesnion) and while I wouldnt say it has a lot of energy attached or whatever, it seems more set up in a way to channel energy through it into other forms or places. I say it feels more like a building (passive object that channels and influenes things) than a car (high powered machine that takes you somewhere).

Thank you!!! Creativeusername I did design it myself.

Yea, I can feel it and see it :+1: