Help ..... akashic record... headache

i asked someone to read my akashic records to find out what happened to me about some curse … ever since i gave him information of the witch, i got this severe headache and i feel like someone is chocking me… i feel nauseous. what should i do?

What has always worked for me is,
Call into yourself a bright light, mixing it with your own. Build it up and up until you can’t contain it anymore. Then throw it out like a shockwave from a bomb. This will cut the ties that are connected to you. After that, build up some more energy and focus it on healing the damage that was caused.
Anytime you feel someone you don’t want reaching into you in the future, throw out the energy shockwave again. It becomes easier and easier the more times you do it. When you are stronger, you can follow their energy back to them and do as you will.


thank you very much for responding
i panicked and opened archangel Michael sigil and asked him to guard my records and i did the ball of light… thank you i will do it again. it seems to be working.

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