Help! A witch is trying to kill me

Help pls a known witch is desperately trying to kill me, I need help on how to over this and return all spell back to sender… also I have tried a lot of magic from the forum (candle magic and praying to Ogun)

Pls I need suggestions and/or procedures om how to go about this or has anyone worked with Ogun ?

I need information to help myself please… I am bothered to death!!!

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You stop this the same way you stop any spiritual problem…get out of the spirit world and into your physical senses. Make a commitment to living there permanently.

But I’m sure a bunch of people will step in with some spells for you to do that will satisfy your ego while making the problem worse.


Sorry but I don’t actually understand your last paragraph, can you explain pls

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Nobody is trying to kill you. Don’t fall for that horse shit.

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People here will give you what you have requested (how to fight magically), and doing it will make you feel puffed up and special, like you’re a badass, but doing it will just make your problem worse because you’re getting yourself deeper into the spirit world, when you should instead be moving in the opposite direction (getting yourself out).

And I guarantee you someone will step in to try to invalidate what I say, but there’s no getting around the truth. Give it 20 years time, we’ll see who was right.

I’ll step in and say that the only way you would know if you were cursed or a spirit is after you is to do some divination by a seasoned mage. To say that curses and spiritual assault is non existent is naive at best. Trying to ignore the issue is not helpful. Was there blowing powder flown at you? Was there any physical evidence of this action? Or is it all in your psyche?. What are the cold hard facts. From your original post there isn’t enough information to determine that there was indeed said action against you. Just you making a post for replies. In my opinion.

BUT I WILL SAY THIS…ANYONE WHO DISMISSES spiritual assault while not doing banishings weekly or other cleansing rites is naive at best.but to each his own…


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I have visited 10 different diviner (I mean ten) of the best I know and have heard of in my country, they all say almost same thing regarding this person trying to kill me, and they are all pointing to same person, usually when I go for such divination I don’t tell them a particular person or a name, they either say the persons name or give me a clear description of the person … also within the past 3 months I have been involved in 3 very fatal auto crashes lost two of my cars to that barely came out alive… and also a lot of “spiritual” persons i know (some friends and family) lately will just call me out of the blues and tell me about a dream they had that I was dead or in a coffin or stuffs like that, I mean persons I haven’t even seen or spoken to in months… it’s really getting me bothered.

Btw- my business is falling terribly

I have done a lot of stuffs, tried a lot of ritual … it as if the problem refuse to go.

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For real I am serious, I am not doing this for replies and all that. If I needed that much attention would have done it on Instagram or Facebook…

Thanks for the video… will do this immediately :pray::pray::pray:

Try to ask demons of the Goetia to help you if you think you are under attack or do simple spells. Since the divination you took points to that, it might be true. You can also create servitors to protect you.

Try to determine who wants to hurt you or why on the meanwhile so you make sure that person doesn’t hurt you again. Or you might want to take revenge. Depends on your style.

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Sorry if it was already stated but when you go to these diviners do you keep it vague and ask " what could you tell about me?" Or do you give off hints that someone is after you. I could give you a ritual in PM that would help. But I’m still debating on whether or not it applies.

Get a jar and fill it with nails, broken glass, and your urine. Bury it on your property, this will break the spell.


I prefer the revenge… the why is totally beyond my power to influence in a way, this it I was responsible for a lot of people financially(family members) along the line my businesses started doing badly, I couldn’t do stuff for these ppl that I initially used to, a lot of them got angry you know human only remember what you didn’t, but this person in particular kept asking and I got my own wife and kids to I just can’t make my kids suffer to satisfy a family member, I talked, explained and all but this person got angry and decided to do me evil.

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When I go I try making it as vague as possible and also try to keep it guided… but general most of those diviner don’t ask what brought you, they do their thing and tell you why you came.

Ok thanks…:pray::pray::pray::pray:

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