Help a beginner w/ tarot?

I’ve always known about tarot. However, I’ve never been able to grasp it. I’d always have to look for definitive answers in books or articles for the meanings of the cards. I understand the concept of allowing the cards to speak to you and the importance of making an individual interpretation. However, my mind, when asking a question, considers multiple meaning of words, phrases, and looking for different perceptions. I use the tarot for spirit communication mostly. How can I have feel comfortable/confident with reading the cards? How do I train my accuracy? Are certain spreads better than others? What is the best definitive meaning of the cards(can you mention sources)?

I remember reading a book in French that came with a Deck of Tarot named : ''Le Tarot Doré".
In this Book there is a Method to Learn Tarot that i found really Effective, its a Bit Long to do but its Worth, i used this Method to Learn it and i get really Accurate Result in my Reading.

So Here’s the Method :

First you have to Memorise the Meaning of the Cards from the Book or Booklet coming with your Tarot Deck, In Order to memorise 90% of the Meaning of the Card in one Time, you have to Write the meaning of the Card, while you Read it in the Book or Booklet while your Saying it, By Combining many senses in your Memorisation you get a really effective ways of Learning.

So while your Doing this with each of the 78 Cards of your Deck, take your Time to Look at your Cards, becoming Familiar with them, Try to see and make association between the Meaning of the Card and the Picture on it.

Do this in one Sitting,

When your have memorised all the Card, Shuffle your Deck and take the Cards one at a time to verify if you have well memorised them.

When your sure that the Card are memorised 100% completely, shuffle them again and Do at Least 3 to Five Reading , As instructed in your Booklet, i used the Celtic Cross spread.

When the Meaning of the Cards are memorised, They will Speak to you,
Just write or Say the first things that came into your mind when doing a Reading, shut off your Analitical mind During a tarot Reading.

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I’ve tried memorizing them in one sitting, however it took a massive amount of energy and time. I’ll try it again, though.

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Yep, you’re right. It took me almost 10 hours with a couple of short 15 minutes breaks when I did it in one day.

But I wasn’t just memoring the cards. I was connecting with them, connecting their symbols to the meaning, letting them come alive in my imagination and show me things.

Completely worth the effort.

I took me 1 and Half hour to 2 Hour, but i have a Good Memory, so I’m sure its not the case for Everyone. But I think its Worth taking this Time to memorise them and connect with them, like i said.

Though I’ve not used this system yet (I have a hard time being interested in Tarot, though I love looking at the pretty cards, lol), Josephine McCarthy has a system that I believe would work even for me: Get a notebook and your cards. Starting with the Major Arcana, go through them in order, take the book meaning, and condense it down into one word that captures the essence of the book meaning. Then go through the suits, in order, doing the same thing. She doesn’t use inverted meanings (a lot of people don’t), but it’s up to you if you want to or not.

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