Hi there! I’m new to this whole thing, but let me introduce myself. I’m a practicing witch of about 5 years now, only in the last 2 have I been very adamant about being active. For safety and personal reasons, I go by N and I’m about 20 years old. I stumbled upon this forum I think last May while I was trying to resolve an issue with someone. I’ve only recently become more comfortable using this type of magick and I feel a lot freer.

Anyways, I’ve worked with a few deities in the past and am currently working with two to help resolve some current issues with my life and the people in them, being Sallos and Dantalion. I’ve worked with Madame Freida in the past and I did worship her up until a month ago when I accidentally pissed her off. It was a shame too, considering how close she was to finishing my request for her. She gave me almost what I wanted and I said something I shouldn’t have, and she very quickly took it away within a matter of hours. Fun stuff…And actually, that was when Sallos came to me saying he could help.

But enough about that, I’m actually more curious about working with the deities of the Ars Goetia, since Sallos and I have been getting along well. I talk to him throughout my day and when things pop up or I have a troubling issue, he has offered some suggestions on how to help. Most of it regarding my troubles with people. I will probably ask about that on a different topic. But I’m curious and excited to become apart of this community.

Welcome to the forum.

Hi and welcome to the forum



Welcome in!

Welcome to the forum @NovaVella :blush: