Hello :)

Hello Everyone!

I’m new to the forum – the woman completely inexperienced in any kind of magic (but willing to learn).

I come to you with few problems – but mostly the one related to love. I cannot deputing to do the spell for somebody else for some reasons. That is why, I decided to learn and do my best in trying to do it on my own. I have read many subjects (on this forum), articles, parts of books and been watching some YouTube channels before coming here as a member. I know it’s not enough but it is a pretty good beginning.

Nice to meet you,


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Nice to meet you Dolce, welcome to the forum. We all have to start somewhere, so no need to down play how you start. The fact is that you have decided to start something, which is more than what many do with a number of different things. So feel free to check out the sheer abundance of topics using the search bar above or post whatever questions come to mind. Welcome again

Hello and welcome to BALG, and don’t worry, we are a fairly chill community that will not judge you for starting out. :slight_smile:

Anything particular in magick you find interesting?

@Dralukmun thank you :slight_smile:

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