Hello :)

I’m happy to have found this forum
I’m a baby to the world of magick, sigils, servitors and invocation.
I created my first servitor as per damon brand’s methods and I truly feel like it came to life and started working just after conception. I had spent a few days thinking about it’s purpose before writing it down and drawing it’s sigil.
I feel it started working it’s purpose a few hours after its conception. I hadn’t even consciously brought it to life yet.
Is that possible? My servitor in itself is powerful I out a lot of intention into its creation.

I’m mostly here to learn love magick and how to strengthen my servitors
I tried to talk to pomba gira after getting a few signs that I should but through penny divination I was told she was not with me. Is there a special method to having the first conversation to discuss offerings and ask for help?

Any help anyone can offer with any of these things would be really appreciated.
I look foreword to learning from everyone :smile:


Welcome to forum !

Thank you :slight_smile:

seeeeeee I told you I’m a few days old lol

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