Hello, I go by Rungr and I’m new to the website, at least in the sense of joining but I have been visiting for a few years now, but now decided to actually join. I have been in my practices for over a decade and some now and at the moment looking into different practices and sigil work centered around chaos magick other than my own.


Welcome to BALG :smiley:

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What is your main practice?

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My main practice, hmm, normally just random energy work and divination through Tarot, I have yet to touch runes but I do have my own runes just have not touched them for readings as of yet.

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Thank you for the welcome mate!


Do you evoke as well?

I am currently getting into invocation, but it’s mainly due to a project I am starting and hope to get off the ground. Yourself?


Cool, thanks for explaining a bit about your practice.

My main practice is evocation, and has been for about seventeen years now. I work mainly with angels and demons, though I have also worked with a few of the elemental kings.

Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the welcome! I am currently trying to work on progressing my egregore into a godform then build a pantheon around him, very similar to the Ellis sigil which is what sparked this desire for me :slight_smile: 17 years myself as well!

As for your practice that is really amazing I have not touched on elemental kings, didn’t even know about them if I can recall anything lol.

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Don’t trust the Ferryman.


What do you mean?


That doesn’t exactly answer anything lol.

hey there, do you know anything about demons? (needing advise) if you can pm me its np or if you can add me on wattpad @sadkitty101