Hi! This is my first time in a forum and I wanted to introduce myself. Not sure if this is the right way, so my apologies if I’m doing it wrong.
I’m Sil Evilsnake and I’m a Witch, empath and medium.


Welcome, what magickal path do you follow and how long have you been practicing?

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Thanks! Glad to be here. I have an “open path”. I do both black and white magick, energy working, premonitions…, you name it, and I porbably saw, felt or heard it. But I have to admit that the dark magick is where I tend to apply the most. I’ve been born in a family where magick runs in our veins, but, for some strange reason no one trains anyone. We all know about it, what we can do but when it comes to pass on the knowledge you’re on your own. So I’ve been trying to figure this whole thing out for a decade or so.


Bienvenida al foro.

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Magick is like electricity. You can use electricity to power a bread toaster or an electric chair.




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True that!