Hello, I’m old-new to all of this. In my younger years I was very interested, studied consistently, practiced every chance I had. Now that it’s come back into my life, it’s as if my memories are blocked for some reason. I recently had an…encounter that led a friend of mine to tell me I’ve been “marked” by Lilith. I apologize for rambling, I’m here to ask and to learn.


Welcome to the forum. Can please tell us a bit more about yourself.

Here is my thread on Lilith.

And for a refresher.

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I apologize, I’m twenty-nine. As it says in my profile, when i was younger I’d gotten into Joy of Satan which helped spring me into learning other things. Later when I found out JOS was just an awful little hub for neo-nazism it soured me and i turned away from everything. Diving deep into nihilism i spent years drinking away any memories i had. I’m currently sober(127 days)
and I’m trying to regain my knowledge.