Hi I’d prefer to go by “Azmlial” if you want to know why, ask. It’s a bit of longer story then introductory post.

I currently live in Chicago IL, used to live in St. Louis and learned a spiritual center there. I’ve been practicing magic of one kind or another for almost a decade. Practictioner of many ways master of none, though I’d dare say I am pretty good at invocation and envocation.

I have some Eastern metaphysics but mostly in the Western tradition. I’ve gone from “bible belt” small town values, to the Right Hand Path Harm ye none, to the more Left Hand path working with those that so many years ago I would of scoffed at best and and scorned at worst.

But that’s why I’m here, via YouTube and Google searches to “Become a Living God” as they say and find the quitisence of Magic, My Own Power and Purpose.


Welcome to the BALG forum.

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Welcome! Why the name? Keen to hear your insight.

Why indeed…’Twas the time in my life, fresh out of College, some years into my magical studies, full vim and vigor. Unbeknownst to me at the time, St. Louis turned out to be in the middle of an economic black hole, and still feeling the effects of the economic recession. So as things dragged on and my optimism eroded away I decided to try and talk to the less “fluffy bunny” aspects of being.

They where nice enough folks and they have my respect, but those I learned from at the Spiritual center around there, bringing up talking with demons and the like would get you nothing but cursory warnings and talk of doom and gloom. But at that point I figured that there was a reason for the Qliphoth and the darker aspects of being, so who better then then Goetia Demons to learn from? Thus with a little inspiration from Lon Milo’s 6 of swords and more research into them, I took Belial and Asmodeus as my mentors for a year or so. I take the amalgamated name of those two as my own. And the alias I usually use for things magical or darker in nature.

It also stands as a reminder for how far I’ve come. From the small rural town upbringing that saw me scorn even a basic penticle, to talking time to time with the Gods and Goddesses of old, to seeking the scerets and knowledge of the universe as much as I am able no matter what alignment they are.