Would just like to say Hello to everyone who takes the time to read this little introduction. :slight_smile: Ive come from a mixed background which was Christian and Pagan. Im in my early 40’s and have been on a rollercoaster journey in the last 12months. Trying to see my way and which path of witchcraft Im taking. Im very interested in sigil magick, working with numerous deities and entities. Ive been watching Koetting and his peers rituals and discussions for some time now and thought id reach out and connect with some people who I can learn from, share ideas and bounce off residual guilt over christianity programming! Im hoping there are a few who understand and give me some advice maybe? Ive gots of the Koetting books and multi author grimoires for my kindle and Im currently reading Banefull magick. Im into candle magick, reiki, poetry, lots more.
Also have a question: When doing a ritual requiring an animal sacrifice, can that be substituted with anything else? I think the only animal i could kill would be a fish, spider or wasp. Im a real animal lover.

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Please avail yourself of the search function on the upper right of the screen (the little magnifying glass). There are many threads on animal sacrifice that may answer your question :slight_smile:

It’s going to depend on the ritual, but in many cases yes, I do not use animal sacrifice as a general rule (though I do eat meat, so one could argue that I sacrifice them to my own best interests).

Welcome to the forum