Hi, my name is Vanessa. I’m new to this so forgive me if there is a lot I don’t know. My family is devoted christian however I always felt I didn’t quite fit in. I didn’t really feel right when I went to mass and during classes for first communion and Sunday school I simply didn’t care for it. I believed in a God but it wasn’t the same as the one my parents and family believe in. Since I was very little while most of my friends wanted to be princesses and fairies I always felt I wanted to be a witch, I wanted to cast spells and felt so attracted to it but my family kept me away from it in recent years I’m older and have started researching the topic I love it. The more I researched the more it brought me to different Gods and spiritual topics of course one of which was Satan. I never felt like he was bad simply misunderstood. I always felt like he was right and he meant well for us but the true story got twisted and people see him as the bad guy when he’s not. This past year has been really tough for me I’ve been struggling to hang on. Recently I paid an online witch coven to help me make a pact with Satan to help me with my situation. They messaged back and said they performed the ritual and Satan accepted the pact and my offering. However some things happened and I realized one of my requests was wrong and I need to make a slight change. I don’t want to go back on my offer, I’m happy to keep my promise to Satan I just want to ask him to change one of the details of my request. I have tried contacting him before but haven’t heard him had no luck contacting him which is why I ended up paying the coven to do it for me. But now they are charging me more money to contact him again. How can I contact Satan and ask him myself. I want to talk to him but do t know how to go about it . Meditation is hard for me because I have ADHD. Please help me I really want to contact him and talk to him, not just for my request but because I admire him and would like to talk to him and stablish a connection with him. Thank you


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

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Meditation doesn’t have to be a sit still situation. There are multiple ways to meditate, one of which is the Sith Meditation. I really like it because it so different from the usual “Peace, love, serenity, harmony”. This one is about feeling. Being passionate, stoking your fires of passion. You can do this meditation on the move.

I’ fetch you a video.


Something for the mood

Thank you so much, I’ll check the videos out right away

Chant while you walk, swinging your arms and with your eyes unfocused. Know that the sounds travel to the ends of the multiverse. Keep us informed. There you go.


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Thank you, I definitely will

Do what you must. But please try to abstain from the Christian stereotype of a satanist. Changing one god for another really doesn’t help. Go beyond god and beyond good and evil. Welcome and grow.