Hello everyone, I’m new here, I hope to get along with everyone.
My name is Thiago and I’m from Brazil.
I know this is a presentation topic, but I’ll ask.
Someone knows a spell, to “bring / attract new friends”.
I want to go out and have fun, but some friends got lost in life (drugs), others got married, anyway … I’m alone and I want to change that.
Up until

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Make sure you introduce yourself @thiagommdp


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Many site Duke Dantalion for the purpose of finding companionship. Personally I would recommend Marquise Naberius for the purpose of building long lasting and meaningful friendship.
There are many spirits you can turn to however the previously mentioned come from the Goetia.
If you have a Catholic background St. John the Apostle, Mary the Blessed Virgin, and St. Kateritekawitha are helpful in this area in different ways.
Hetziel is a good spirit for this also, but like I said there are many spirits helpful in this area. It just depends on your get down. Many blessings to you and your pursuit to materialize your desire.
Also check out the search engine.

There are spirits that can help, but honestly, a simple Spare style sigil would be all you need for something like this.

A bit of Googlemancy will provide you with all you need to know about creating a sigil and firing it off. Just search for “chaos magick” or “Austin Osman Spare.”