Hello everyone. I would sure love to acquire omnipresence one day but this is unfortunately not the day. Let me give a bit of a background of myself. I am from Hawaii and live in what I call a Mormon town on the Island of Oahu. I am Mormon, but since my experience of learning to astral project from Robert Bruce, my mind became filled with questions; Questions about what exactly life is. I then had met a Korean healer. He had come to my home and used a pendulum as well as scanned my body by putting his hand above my head. At the time, I thought it was mumbo jumbo till he told me exactly what I had. This brought up even more questions. These questions soon to be answered after about six random suicides around my town with more still going on today for no apparent reason that I see of besides the year my high school had been ineligible for the state championships because we had an ineligible player who played a couple of games. I had an episode later on when my grades started to drop as well as being accused of stalking a relative who I really like (yeah I know, gross; I like to think we’re all one anyways so it’s ok) and the whole school knew about it. Dropped me into hardcore depression. After about six episodes and seven attempts at suicide, I had some kind of awakening that Robert Bruce told me was a Kundalini awakening. I was then admitted into the hospital for attempted suicide with a knife at school. It taught me something that year. Never try to kill yourself in school. You’ll get sent to the hospital where patients sneak in knives and try to kill you anyways. You’ll end up being stuck taking extremely cold showers, using a bad internet connection, a very thin blanket, and oh, I forgot, mandatory school! After that period, I became interested in possession after I had heard of another experience a relative had. She had been in a full possession twice. She was climbing on walls and doing things no 68 year old would ever be able to do. She was later exorcised as well as they did something special. Forgot what it was though. I guess at the same time I must have some blood of a healer as well as a medium and the type of Hawaiian Magic called the Kahunas. In fact my aunt is a Kahuna and she can be a douche sometimes. On to the part where I actually started learning about magic. Again the possession thing is well, I wanted to materialize bodies and possess them or maybe possess the relative I like. I ran into a book by Franz Bardon called Initiation Into Hermetics while looking up how the Dalai Lama was going to reincarnate after he turns 90. I read all the warnings within the book and such before starting, but I stopped because he said I wouldn’t find anything that would help me rule the world and such. The next day, I decided to read again and figured out maybe that was a defense mechanism so I kept reading. I practiced each exercise step by step. On step 7 and probably won’t get past till sometime in the future. I really wanted to get on to the Practice of Magical evocation, but he says I would need to reach step 8 first. I had looked everywhere trying to find another way. I searched through many forums and finally ended up on Evocationmagic (ironic huh?). Many of the posts there mention the same name over and over and over. Of course it was none other than E.A Koetting. This is how I made my way here to this wonderful forum and the place where I knew for a fact that I would learn how to do evocations.

Thank you very much E.A for providing a forum as well as your programs and books for me. I don’t think I would have been able to start making progress anywhere. I would say possession is possibly a second step later on for me to learn about again, though the Zombie dad on the deathbed sounded very interesting especially if it were some Zombie supermodel :slight_smile: I leave this as my first post within this forum. Thank you for reading my personal narrative which sums up my magic ascent up to this point.

Peac- er CHAOS!

Before you can even start thinking about ruling the world, you next step is to rule yourself. Sounds obvious, but it’s not always that easy.

Otherwise, any gains you make in magickal empowerment will slip away - it’ll be like trying to fill a treasury, while you leave the backdoors open for any passing force to remove your power.

One thing I noticed reading your post was that you talk about other people a lot - this is normal and healthy if you’re fairly young, because you’re trying to find your place in the world and work out what the world has for you, but you need to start letting that take a backseat for now, if you want to get serious about developing your powers.

For example, this relative you’re into, that sounds like a serious case of “one-itis”(definition) and most of us have had that at some point, but it just holds you back - if “we are all one” as you state, then any quality she has, is also within you, and also within other women - ones who will actually want you.

To place on a pedestal someone whose primary feeling towards you is rejection is unhealthy for you, you really shouldn’t be idolising someone who doesn’t feel the same way - either cast some spell on her to change her feelings, or walk away.

I’ve been there - not to the point of “stalking” but to the point where it pre-occupied me and stopped me having plans for the future that didn’t involve that person - and it’s the worst way to give away your power and place blocks on your growth.

Other than that, you’re starting with a lot of energy, which is great, so keep an open mind and just watch out for anything or anyone that’s taking your primary interest away from ascent.

Welcome to BALG!

As a former Mormon I know what it is like to wake up one day and realize that there is FAR more out there than we are taught. You are in for a real trip, a good one I promise.

I second Lady Eva in saying that self mastery is the first step before ruling the world. You couldwork with Belial to help you achive self mastery, but that is up to you. (I am not biased when it comes to Belial at all…ok that is a lie)

Thanks Orismen and Lady Eva. I am in fact doing self mastery for myself. I came here looking to learn evocation which EA made an awesome program for. Truly I am moving on past her and focusing more on magical endeavors. Awesome to meet a former Mormon who actually knows there is more to life!