Hello everyone, im jj. Ive been interested in spiritual work for a long time. Just recently ive been awakened to a whole other aspect. Im 37 years old an a complete newbie. But really want to learn all i can. Thanks all and best wishes

Welcome @Knightwalker

Where do you hail from?

Do you have any experience at all in magick or what might be called the “paranormal” or occult?

I have been dabbling a little just recently. Probably like many others certain situations spark a spiritual enlightenment. I am from the southern u.s. and just willing to learn and grow. Thank you very much for the welcome.

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Ive always felt like spirits are with us and ive always wanted to connect with them but being from the south the whole christianity thing has hindered that and really has not been prosperous. But i recently asked help from a spirit, it hasnt given me permission to give out his name, but i have seen slight results of my requests. Even though i cant directly communicate with them i feel like the positive results are from said spirit. One can only have trust. If anyone who can communicate with spirits are willing to help me better understand i would greatly appreciate any help

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