I’m just someone getting more familiar with occult practices. Looking forward to exchange information, experiences and ideas.

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Hey Lilack! Welcome to the forum and nice to meet you! Hope you enjoy your journey. :wave:

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Welcom @Lilack . it is a rule of this forum for all new members to introduce themselves properly, so please tell us about yourself and any experience you have. This post tells us nothing and does not meet the requirement for a proper introduction.

Where do you hail from?

Do you have any practical experience in any forms of magick?

If so, what do you practice and how long have you practiced it?

if not, what areas of magick are you interested in learning?

This is important information to include in a proper introduction, as it helps us to provide appropriate advice and direction, so please answer the questions. Failure to do a proper introduction may result in the removal of any subsequent posts you make until our rule is respected.

Hello, I’m getting used to navigating this.
I’m in New York. I’ve been practicing magick for 2 years. Witchcraft, spirit work, folk magick, sigil use, and experimenting with different things basically trying to see what works and what doesn’t while understanding more about the universe. I read a lot and I find that talking with other people can open you up to things you wouldn’t think of otherwise. It’s also not easy to talk to anybody out there about one’s magickal practice. Most people think magick is not real anyway so it’s hard to even explain to people what I do on my free time ha!

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Welcome. I hope you enjoy your time here on this forum and learn much.

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Thank you!

Welcome :blush:

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