Hello, I’ve visited the site and recently decided to make an account to be more interactive! Also to learn. My reason for visiting was because of experiences with what I now believe to possibly be a Succubus or similar spirit that has been in my life since I was young (lots of odd experiences happened that would be considered “paranormal”, and a sleep paralysis) but only recently tried to open up my astral senses to interact with her more. Runes, and sigil magick also fascinate me. Hope everyone is doing well.


Welcome to the forum :hugs: thank you for posting your introduction!


Runes: Edred Thorsson aka Stephen Flowers.



Welcome :blush:

Where do you hail from?

What areas of magic are you interested in?

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Where do I hail from? @Angliaenchantress82

I’m interested in evoking, sigil magick (working with demons), rune magick, as for anything else…I’ve just really only stepped my toes into the waters of “magick” so to speak. So everything else is up for debate, whatever draws me I guess!

Welcome @Mind_Seeker20

What @anon35721968 meant is what country are you from?

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Ukraine @anon35721968

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