Hello to all of my new friends

My name is michael joseph reichardt. I would like to start out with a story about myself. Before i was born my mother, my father, my uncle, and my mothers bf at the time messed with a ouija board. After messing with it they started seeing this white hooded entity named zenith. After a while (and i wish i new the in-between but my family is to scared to tell me) my mother made a deal with zenith. Whatever it was it has to do with the birth of me and my little sister. For years my family hid this info from me. But years of hard work, and with the luck of a cousin and my dead godfathers brother i happened upon a book. It is the anthology of sorcery. This book and everyone who helped create it saved my life. Without this book there would have been at least a dozen times that i would have gave up and killed myself. So i just wanted to say thank you. I’m not a good typer and its past my bedtime. Hope to hear from you all soon.


Welcome to the forum.

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Wow, that’s pretty heavy, I’m so glad the book helped you! :+1: