Hello this is my introduction

Hello everyone I’m alnitak aka Byron.
I live in the Netherlands and I’m nineteen years old.
English is not my native language so you might see a lot of mistakes in my grammar.

I joined the forum out of curiosity.
The main thing I seek would be knowledge, I don’t know anything about magick.
If there are some good threads about aqcuiring knowledge through the help of ancient gods/demons then please let me know.
Any information about astral projection would be welcome to.

I have one question about two weird experiences that I’ve had.
The first experience that I have questions about is about a clock, I was sitting in the living room and an old clock that was mounted on the wall flew 4 feet through the air out of nothing. The nail was still in the wall.
Am I going crazy or was it a paranormal event?

The second experience that I’ve had which I can’t explain is, that When I was about 9 years old my parents couldn’t locate some important documents.
I asked them if they had hidden it behind a picture of me and my sibling, they found the documents in the frame of the picture. Once they found the documents they remembered that they had hidden the documents there, they told me that I was not home when they hid them so I could not have known they were there.
Is this something I should look into or where this event just a coincidence?

If this is not the right thread in which I should post is then I’m sorry, could you then please show me the right thread.
I want to thank you if you’ve read my message.

This was my introduction. Hopefully I’ll hear from anyone soon


Welcome and remember, if your Magick isn’t fun you’re not doing it right!



Welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the forum.
I think most if not everyone has witnessed personally a para-phenomena/ metaphysical event.

You could ask anyone and they’ll tell you “when I was 4 I saw this”, “last year driving back home etc etc”… I’ve heard many stories.

It’s all magick my friend!
I learnt that when I was 9 and sliced my foot half an inch deep and a random old man put water in his mouth and spat at the cut and stopped the bleeding of a laceration that would’ve required at least 4 stitches. :slight_smile:

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@Whitehowlite thank you for responding that is truely amazing what happened to you. I’m sorry about the cut though.
Thank you everyone for the warm welcoming.

Hey @Alnitak, if you are looking to further persue your magickal destiny. If you have not already, you should look up any book written by Eliphas Levi or Arthur Edward Waite. Both are fabulous philosophers of occult knowledges. If you are wanting me to suggest specific titles i can as well. Or if a Certain quality of knowledge is desired, feel free to make a post and ask any of us. We are happily here to help you and each other. Have a good day! :slight_smile:

@Alnitak within the experience you described. If definitely true, the cause may be a spirit or entity attempting to manifest if (any)energies are being within that area, whatever type it may be. Not saying it has any connection with magick. But at the same time, i am unsure. This is Only my opinion and thought. I wish i could be of more help. As for your clairvoyance. You may have connections in your bloodline of someone who naturally had premonitions or also was clairvoyant. Again, this is my opinion from what i have read. But if there is anything to that or any that you can find within your being or family history. It may be something more. You never know. I hope i could help with this. There may be potential with what you have internally. Work on it. We can help with whatever is needed. Just message anyone on BALG Forum. We’ve got your back, brother.

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You may enjoy the book Lucifer and the Hidden Demons by Theodore Rose. He teaches a method for summoning demons of Lucifer’s Legion known as Pathworking, in which you imagine a series of images to mentally travel to the place where the demon resides. Such work would likely prepare you more for astral projection/soul travel than evocation, while still enabling you to experience magick. I’d recommend learning a good banishing ritual as well, which the book does not include. Not to banish away the demons, but just for good magickal hygiene.

The demons may also assist you in your efforts to astral project. I’ve dabbled very little in the subject, however, so someone else would be able to help you more there. I have read the book Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce, however, and the energy work techniques he teaches are pretty good, in my opinion.

From what I understand, you will experience much better results from your efforts to astral project once you have tended to your energy body and juiced-up your major chakras more. I remember when I first started, my “energy veins” had many blockages that needed clearing along my arms, legs, hands, and feet. I believe Bruce has pdfs on his website you can reference for these things, he calls the system NEW energy ways.

Again though, not my area of experience, and there should be plenty of info around the forum if you go searching.

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Welcome to BALG! If you will go to your upper right screen you will see a magnifying glass :mag: which is the search engine, plug in any question and you can come up with some amazing answers and threads.

@SourceAdversary I’ll ask some of my relatives if there where any noticable clairvoyant people in my bloodline. For now I’ll start with meditation, I will try and work on my chakras and I am going to look into pathworking.
Thank you all for the great responses.

Check out these two videos by: AwakenTheWorldFilm

@SourceAdversary I’ve asked my parents if there where any people in the family that have certain abilities, and there was atleast one person.
My grandfathers sister was able to see ghosts and was able to locate a missing child, I don’t know what else she could do
She did not know if there where any other psychics in the family.
Thank you for sending the videos all defenitly watch them.

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That is great, Im happy to read that there was a connection within your lineage. Practice this strength with whatever methods seem to help best and you can master this ability. Good luck with developing your enhancements.