Hello. This is my introduction and background

Hello, you can call me Xendrath. Without giving much details, I can tell you that I am an adult married male born in a southamerican country that has been living in México for several years now. I’ve been attracted to dark themes since I was a kid, but my rational mind has always kept me skeptic of supernatural phenomena. I’ve rejected almost anything related to christian church -and religious beliefs in general- since I was a child, but it has been recently when I started to feel a strong pull to satanism, demonology, magick and related themes. Don’t ask me why, because I certainly have no idea what changed inside me. It suddenly happened and decided to go with the flow.

So I’ve been studying as much as I can, learning as much as possible. I’ve performed simple spells so far, to test the waters (with some results), I’ve toyed with self created sigils (I’m a graphic designer so I love that part) and now I’m preparing myself to make evocations in a near future.

I’ve been learning from several books, The Goetia, Thelema, Golden Dawn, and such, but chaos magick is what I feel most inclined to, since I don’t want to limit myself in any way.

I’ve opened my mind and experienced a few things I can hardly explain, since I started this journey. Unusual and vivid dreams, Lucid dreams, signs, people talking to me on the streets. All little things that have strengthen my belief in these matters.

I have recently become a father of a strong healthy baby boy, and have been concerned about this new endeavours happening to me in this particular moment in my life. My wife has always been inclined to witchcraft and divination, although she hasn’t been practicing it for years. I moved her away from it because of my former rational way of thinking. Now she’s trying to come back to it, because I told her I will no longer held her back in that regard.

So yes, she supports me in my new journey, but is also concerned about our baby. She wonders what the hell happened to me to change my views in such a sudden way.

I’ve been reading the BALG Forum since a couple of months now, after finding E.A. Koetting’s Youtube channel.

I felt the need to create an account, although I might not participate much.


Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome to the website. You give off a very positive vibe to me; hopefully things can go well here. What form of witchcraft do you practice, and for what religion?

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Thank you.

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I’m more into magick in general, not witchcraft in particular. I’ve read, and still reading about wiccan practices, but I’m not really interested in the religious aspect of it.


Welcome new chaote. If you feel so inclined to ask me any questions, don’t hesitate to do so. :slight_smile:

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