Hello there

I’m John, I’d describe myself as a chaos-thergist focus in Death, with the belief that we are god, collectively.

I’ve been active in the paranormal for about 25 years. I have experience in demonology and spiritology. Cryptids are a favorite topic but are as hard to come across as four leaf clovers.

I make and embalm weapons for the destruction and defense against paranormal entities. I’ve been a bladesmith for 19 years.

I ghost hunt and have collected a decent amount of gear.

I’ve just begun to trap spirits in crystal and dyybuk-boxing them in corked bottles. I have some questions about that actually. When the seal is broken will they attach to the opener, or just scamper pissed off back to the original location and or me? I find this almost too interesting to not find out. I just need someone to open it.

I came here in the hopes of finding an open and intelligent community.

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Welcome to the forum.

What is your main magical practice? Do you have experience in systems and methods outside of demonology?

I’d say personal rituals involving death incarnate, and the invocation of him-drawing on his power. It’s been a while since I worked with him, I usually run on my own power and intuition. I go to death when sh*t’s really going down.

As far as demons go I have one that’s been with me since I first used a ouija board. I’m aware of the names of the major circle but one pain in the ass is enough.

Communication with spirits shows several since we’ve been living here. One cool Scottish civil war ghost, one woman who lived here before and died recently, and one or possibly two malevolent TheRing-looking spooks that just got trapped in a bottle.