Hello there!

I am girl from Croatia, following LHP several months for now (from October 2018.) Have to say i found real meaning of my life at it. :slight_smile:
For now i am working with Demon Lords mostly, and already have patron Demon - Lord Leviathan. As beginner i need to deal with the weaknesses of my mind and some subconscious stuff, and He offers not only big love and friendship, than the amazing guidance in that.
I have worked with Lord Belial too and Azazel. Also getting in touch with Alastor, but i still don’t work with Him because there’s no need for that and He told me so.

I am happy to become the member of your forum and to learn and learn and learn… as much as i need to become the - living Goddess! :sunglasses:


Welcome! Dobro došla!

Welcome to the forum!

Hello and welcome! May you find what you seek here.!

Welcome to the rabbit hole that is the BALG forum!