Hello There

Hi there, my name is Chase and I live in the Midwest of U.S.A. where there is absolutely nothing to do. I left the Church many years ago and was strictly atheist but kept feeling a call to the occult. I was pagan for a bit, studying and communing with various Nordic and Celtic deities before I found myself drawn into ancient Egyptian and Persian entities. I don’t really know what I consider myself but I suppose many people would say I follow the left-hand path.

My main area of interest is the study of sigils and those entities associated with said sigils. I found EA Koetting right as he was ending his Nordic course and starting his work with the Gatekeepers and have been following his work since. I have no particular areas in which I am currently struggling or need help, but thought it would be nice to join a community of like-minded individuals and perhaps garner some knowledge or help share some of my own should the occasion arise.


The Midwest is interesting for sure. The community exists its just low profile.

I travel to st louis periodically, as it is the nearest occult shop which is fully stocked.