Hello super new and finding my path

Hello y’all! I am super new at actually channeling into my true self. Since I was about 13 I always had a physic gift and pull to witchcraft. After a vivid dream of the most beautiful man that I ever seen and to this day remember. Fast forward a ton of years and after many twist and turns here I am answering my call. Though I have yet to tap into anything. I already have a strong pull to what I am supposed to do.



If I am understanding correctly, you do not have any experience in magick?


I haven’t cast a spell yet only because I am huge in to learning all the proper things before jumping in head first. I have been working with tattoo since I was 13 and have always had visions and contact with spirits. It took me until I was 25 to figure on my entity I would see and sometimes hear was with me and I just wasn’t always finding haunted places. That he was the one from my dream when I was 13. can write a novel on how I ended up here and on this forum. 8 years ago my familiar found me and I started seeking magick again. Always learning and gathering. Since January 30th of this year I have been pulled to magick again to the point that I started studying all types with urgency. All of these pieces are coming together people are coming into my life that are on this path and then I found this forum, it’s youtube channel and the books. Now so much that was foggy is coming clear. It’s so strange and so overwhelming. But I am ready now for all that is to come, and I am excited to meet everyone and learn.

Thank you for elucidating a bit more on your experience :slight_smile:


You are so welcome. This was the short cliff notes version. I never know how much to share and not to share in the first post.

Welcome to BALG!

First things first. I’m going to explain magick to you in 3 steps, because a lot of people get hung up on the process. We as magicians like to make things so complicated that we sometimes spend a lifetime just trying to get one step right, and forget why we got into this mess in the first place.

The first step is to Set Intention. The second step is to Ask. The third step is to Receive.

The simplest and most effective grimoires i’ve come across yet that teach these 3 steps (and nothing else that would obscure them) are Pam Grout’s books E-Squared and E-Cubed.

BEFORE you get into Tarot,
BEFORE yo begin meditating,
BEFORE you learn mantras,
BEFORE you buy crystal balls and implements,
BEFORE you draw up magick circles,
BEFORE you initiate into any secret groups,
BEFORE you look into demonolatry,
BEFORE you throw curses and binds,
BEFORE you do ANY of that shit.

Start with Pam’s books. Seriously.

They teach you to set a simple intention, ask the universe to give to you, and observe as you receive your wish, or find out why you haven’t received (which sometimes happens, and that can be explained by Peter Carroll’s Magickal Probability Calculator).

That’s magick in a nutshell. Magick can get hella complicated, but Occam’s Razor applies.

Have the understanding for yourself that magick is meant to be SIMPLE and it’s SUPPOSED TO WORK! It’ll help you down the road when you get into the elaborate stuff. And yes. There’s a LOT of elaborate stuff.

But elaborate doesn’t work better than simple and direct. Intent. Ask. Receive. Everything else is (often unnecessary) detail.

Get some real world results with that 3-step and you’ll be encouraged to deep dive on other stuff down the road.

Again, welcome to BALG. Cheers


Wow! That you so much for all of this information! I will get the books ASAP!

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I don’t know how long I was scrolling before I happened across this post but I couldn’t resist commenting. I just wanted to say I am glad you found this forum and I am blessed to have met you.


I kinda giggle at this now because I was hiding so much when I did this. Up until I was pulled to this forum I never knew anyone else like me.