Hello, sorry I left

Hello, sorry for not being on for awhile. but I came to ask about something. I’ve been getting these weird visions and experiences of other planets and their inhabitants usually through dreams. the people are called “the Kirrar race” does anyone know what this means?

It means as much as the fact that you are incarnate as a human now, which is, almost nothing.
Imo obvs.

The specific people you met could be either in your own mental area of the astral, a shared part of the astral (e.g. you’re accessing the thoughtforms from a scifi author or the team mind of thier published work), or an actual planet

You won’t find out verifiably which one unless you get more data via other sources than your own mind. That’s the nature UPG for you - Unverified Personal Gnosis.

I suggest, unless you’re getting something particularly useful from this e.g. you can write a story about it and sell the book, then it can be treated as entertainment.


Thanks for your help

Wait that blows my mind. Are you saying that authors that write fantasy and Syfy could have some real facts in them? I don’t know much about the astral but damn. To think that something like dragon Lance could either be a place on the astral or something the author made up. Or I just miss interpreted what you said and I’m being stupid.

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Past life memories are pretty great and if you know someone capable of divination or soul diving, then you’ll have a decent SPG/confirmation.

Well, everything exists at some level, and humans are creator beings, so if the thing doesn’t exist in the astral before they created it, it does afterwards - even if it’s just thier mental corner of the astral. It still exists, and can be accessed when the author shares it.

We have a couple of other authors in here who area aware that they are doing this, it’s come up in discussion before.

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