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Hey, you can just call me h2o if you want. Dabbled with magick before with limited success. Spent time with Kraig’s Modern Magick up until Middle pillar ritual. It would often lead to quite nightmarish dreams, felt touches in dreams that felt real, including being sodomized by a tail.

I have been reluctant to return to ceremonial magick partly because of the scary dreams, but I seriously need results now and I don’t want to let the magick books I have bought previously go to waste.

I am working with Demons of Magick by Winterfield.

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I started with Modern Magick more than two decades ago. Sometimes as you start dream journaling the negative dreams flow because you’re finally paying attention.

Demons Of Magick is a great book, I wish I started there instead. There wasn’t any practical Magick books back then.

yeah, I have always felt that my dreams could be a rich source of information as they can seem quite complex at times. Writing them down took forever though as quite a lot would happen.

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Use the voice recorder on your phone. Usually it will transcribe to text.

Welcome @magickal_H2O

How long have you practiced?

Maybe total time is closing in on 1.5 years, have also tried sigil magick, tried to do lesson 1 of bardons initiation to hermetics lots of times. I am not even including my yoga/meditation stuff which by itself could be 1.5 years but I have not had great results meditating for years.


Welcome :blush: