Hello - New to the site and practice (Introduction, possible experiences, and some questions)

Hello, everyone. I thought I would at least introduce myself a little and - if it’s alright - take an opportunity to ask for advice as a brand new magician.

I’ve always had a fascinating with the occult, mysticism, spirits and spiritual practices - though I was raised in a Christian family I had long since stepped away from the conventional practices that nearly smothered me and my brother. I can’t say with any true certainty if I’ve had any experiences outside what would be considered ordinary - some amount of skepticism exists, but I do recall two odd circumstances in my youth when I was in elementary school.

One moment I recall hearing something during a class that sounded off - two men speaking between static (there was no radio in the classroom and no one else seemed to notice it) and in a language that wouldn’t be known to either us kids in the room or the teacher when it happened (I can’t say I know what the language was, but it did sound like something one would hear in Eastern Europe. Maybe Russian as a guess, but this is just - again - a guess…)

I also recall a number of “dreams” as I thought of them, until the prospect of astral travel came to my attention due to the experiences I’ve had - especially the last one I can recall (and the one that stuck with my out of all the ones I only vaguely remember nowadays). I was in what appeared to be an ancient library - with almost gold-like stone floors that felt cold to the touch, a faint white cloudy mist permeating across the surface as robed, shrouded figures went about their business. Scrolls and some old books could be found around the area, either on shelves, on antiquated tables, or in the hands of these strange figures, yet there was no roof above us as far as I could see. Some pillars could be found throughout this place… but they extended into what seemed like darkness. The experience would end abruptly though - while I was walking through this strange place, I would soon feel the ground crack beneath my feet… These figures did nothing - not even pass a glance towards me - as the ground gave below me as I fell - falling quickly through the sun-lit sky, the bright white clouds until I plummeted onto the bed I was on with a force that I felt both through my small body and through the mattress itself once I was awake.

After that, I couldn’t recall or experience anything like it again…

Other than this, I’ve mostly read various posts and subjects about various practices ranging from astral projection, to sigil work, to summonings, and even a few posts vaguely discussing necromantic practices (which, admittedly, has been something I’ve been intrigued by for some time now).

Sorry, I’m rambling. ^^;

Anyways, I have a few short questions as well that I hope more experiences members of this community could help answer for me.

Are there any recommendations on how to start out? I know this sounds like a broad question to ask - my apologies - but I’m quite open to whatever practices, techniques, or advice there is to be offered, no matter which path it comes from.

Also, say I happen to deal with aphantasia (the blinding of the mind’s eye/lack of visualization) - is there anything that be done to either work around this or even help develop visualization?

Finally… and forgive me if this sounds like a true newbie question, but what is the experience like of performing whatever spell or ritual you seek to make use or, or making contact with an entity? Has anyone - when starting out - asked for some sign by an entity to show the contact was true?

Thank you all for your time and patience. I look forward to delving further into this community and learning what I can. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome to the forum, :wine_glass:

  1. Dunno about that first one. Experiences can be different.

  2. If circumstances apply correctly then maybe you’ll notice the contact instead of the entity showing you.
    If your senses are acute enough then perhaps they may be able to make you realize that the contact did infact happened or they’ll just use symbolism or whatever makes you easy to understand.

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First of all, thank you and DarkestKnight both for the greetings. bows

Second, when you mention one’s senses being acute enough are there any general sensations that one may experience during contact? Would it affect what we feel or hear typically out of all the senses?

I’m not an expert, you see but I’ve done my fair share of evocation and research.

any general sensations felt during contact? Affect other senses?

Well, the ranges could be vast from personal experience honestly. When you ask about general sensations, It usually differs from energy and the way YOU feel such as dizziness, calmness, horny, headaches, etc

When senses are mentioned, The way the Spirit could influence its power to contact you or confirm that it heed your attention would be by the means of symbolism, your Third eye/Ajna/Pineal gland, The physical feeling of someone patting you, touch, smell, hearing whispers, thoughts, etc.

I hope that answers your question.

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