Hello new here

Hi all, I stumbled across this site searching for hand sigils…though I’m not sure the proper term for what I’m looking for. I’ve been a bit lost for over a decade since I angered the spirits when I shut the door to the spirit realm. Been trying to open it back up but progress has been slow. I miss my gifts and would like them back.

Honestly I’m a bit hesitant to write and seek guidance here. I know that light and dark, good and bad, white and black magick are just terms we use to justify what we do, but I’ve always been weary of the darker side. It scares me and honestly I’m too angry most if the time to consider it. But, something led me here so there must be a reason.

So hello, and may our meeting be a blessing to us all.



Welcome to the BALG forum.

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Welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the Family! If you have any questions just ask.

Welcome to the family

You don’t need to summon demons or work with them to be welcome on this forum. As long as you’re into magic and you want to learn, you’re family to us.

Slava Bogum


My handle is Latin, meaning “From the Darkness comes Victory.”

Those who are wary to work with the Darkness either don’t understand it well or are afraid of the truth they may find. Once you know the truth, it will set you free, to paraphrase a certain mystic.

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