Hello, new, haunted and faith based

Hello my name is Web (not legally but I find alot of attachment to this name).

My family is usually pretty easy going with the spirits or ghost we have seen. But I’ve felt different things. Mainly while sleeping but they are very real and with intention from who ever is causing them.

I hope to explore this some more and maybe while learning more about this side of the existence I can strengthen my own faith.

Welcome @Imhaunted. Please tell us more about yourself.

How old are you?

Where do you hail from?

Do you have any experience in magick?

If so, what do you practice and how long have you practiced it?

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I am 24 yay!

I’m the devil’s playground :wink: for Arizona

I have no experience with magic but alot of experience with ghost I have soo many stories if anyone wants to hear some :slight_smile:

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Welcome, Web!

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Welome to the forum.

With a damn pandemic hitting the world, I could use a good ghost story or two. And I’m most likely not the only one.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go to stare at the real-time map. Ecuador is taking it hard and I feel for them.

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currently working out this issue right now, i want to try to talk with him but i am gonna have to remember to keep calm and collected. it makes me think this is an incubus (I have more stories if you want more)

Third ‘dream’ (18+ kind of dream) I was taking a nap in the middle of the day on my bed thinking nothing of ghost or what have you. Had a dream where I was getting turned on and enjoying it. But then it crossed my mind someone else is here. Dream brain now knows/feels like I’m having sex? Dream brain turns to look at the gentleman and I dont see a face but think ’ this isnt real’ went to move my dream hand through his arm but got surprised when it connected and I held on and the gentleman knew what I was doing and I could feel him smiling when I realized I touched his arm. I felt my grip on his arm no joke. So the dream continues to him ummm finishing? And dream brain has other dreams I wake up and it took 5 mins to remember what happened and i was scared for a second.

Fourth ‘dream’ (6am 7/31/19) I was on my left side again arm under my pillow and head on pillow I wake up think ‘oh that was a nice little dream’ (upon dealing with below I realized after I stayed awake I had some erie dreams before this next part) closes eyes again and not 3 seconds later my WHOLE BODY is tingling and I’m scared.

Tried to open my eyes right away but I cant. I thought I dont want to see anything but kind of saw something move on top on my right hand side (at the time i was thinking it was my floral pillow I normally wrap around at night but after waking up it was behind me and I was using a different pillow. Not that they moved around I just lost track of what pillow I was hugging.) My whole body is numb and I cant move. It feels like I’m wrapped in a really heavy blanket and any force I gave. 2x as much was used against me.

I can tell something is over top of me and said in my head “leave me alone” Then in the right ear " incoherent mumble Nathan (I think that’s was I heard)" i wake up briefly but my body decided it wanted to go back to sleep and instantly back under that ‘blanket’ tingles and all. I hear in the same deep voice “you just let me know”. Woke up terrified and now I’m typing all this out. 7:21am.

What do i do? What do you think this all is? I never see anything creepy in my dreams like people describe the hag in sleep paralysis. I dont and pray I never do. I’ve had alot of lucid ghost dreams and my most recent one was fixed my calling upon my savior (newly reborn faith) but I didnt call upon him this time because for a brief moment I thought “that’s going to piss this thing off”.