Hello New Guy Looking to become A Bokor

So this may sound dumb but as stated in the title, I’m very new to voodoo and African Magick in general. See I have a great respect for this religion and feel on a spiritual level I guess that this is where I belong I guess. But the problem is I don’t know where and how to start. And I won’t give to many details but I simply don’t have to much supplies to actually start and practice like I want. I guess what I’m asking for is advice on how to start practicing voodoo. (And maybe get in contact with the Loa, but one step at a time)


Consider investing in EA’s course:


Unfortunately I simply don’t have the money for this coarse but when I do I will defiantly look into this. Thank you and do you have any other advice?

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Start with Papa Legba


Are there any orishas you feel drawn to? In this tradition it really helps to have a mentor because so much of it has been passed down orally, especially the very powerful aspects of it. I have worked with Ogun many times and he is quite a protector. And also Yemanja. When I first connected w/her I made a clay figure of how I saw her when meditating. That really invoked her.

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Yeah the loas I’ve felt really drawn to is the Barons

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I heard that but what do you mean by that?

Get the newest Spider and Green Butterfly book and follow the rituals that you can that it explains.

The biggest lesson in that book is that the only true way to get initiated into Voudon is through the spirits themselves, and it is said that once you perform any of the rituals the Lwa will come into your life…maybe from there they can guide you themselves.


Find a priest/ess and work with them if they’ll take you

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From what i heard this is very hard

Sorry, but whaaat?

Find the Spirits, the orisha’s, the Eruziles.
Not some priest in the flesh.

You sound like you really dedicate towards becoming what you seek,
and brother, if you want to be a Bokor,
the spirits being in your favor will always top out some lazy priest,
who may say you’re not ready,
until you proof him wrong.

Just to get this solid!
If norse gods work with black skin colored magi,
and Vodoun gods work with white skin colored magi,
and that’s the real world out there that most don’t like to see:

you are to choose your path, and built, and grind it.
not someone somewhere else, trying to say you can or can not!


you’ll better enter wRathfully into Ogun’s Oath!

Sorry, this was just to welcoming.
learn this one thing and make it a habit:
when someone doubts you,
when someone say’s you can’t:
Proof them wrong!
Make them sure you can, and DO!