Hello, need an advice for love relationships

Hello, I am a little depressed for this fact but…
I’ll try to explain good…
I’m in a relationship with a girl… we passed 5 months togheter…but … i don’t see any changes in my soul…it seems it’s like another girl…not “The One”…
I was searching a solution for this…(we hadn’t sex for now)…i don’t think its for this reason… i would appreciate a lot if someone could led me to some deity i can talk with this…i’m really upset, and this thing the more i stay in this situation the more i suffer…thanks to all, have a great day ! :slight_smile:

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if you don’t feel like she is the one, you shouldn’t stay in that relationship imo. it is better to leave so things don’t go further. she should know how you really feel about her and let her be with somebody who thinks she is the one and you should look elsewhere and hopefully find somebody who does feel like “the one”


That’s not this easy, i think i am in a bad mood, becouse her is just good for me, but as soon i go home , I don’t have the right fire of passion i should have…i don’t know how to explain the feels…but you’re right…as soon as i know what i really want i’ll tell her…

Well it feels that you don‘t want to stay alone so you take the time with her but not as it should be.
Thats why you feel like that. If you know she is not the one be fair and end it.
As long as you keep her she will waste her time aswell and its wasting time if you keep her for egoistic issues.

Sorry if this sounds hard.

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Sounds hard for the critique but in the reality of the things, i stay really good solo too, i know,you know, if you stay good you stay good with other people too,but, if we want to talk about Twin Flames? Soul Mates? They are real? And if they aren’t? Can I manifest the BEST love in the matrix??? Is that impossible?

Hello. Twin Flames are real thing same as soulmates. I practice black magic for years and I thought these soul connections are bullshits- they are not. Found my soulmate who is my bestie 3 years ago and I found my Twin Flame in September.

If you want calm “true love” go for soulmate. If you want the most fullfiling and growing realitionship ask for twin flame (but they are hella work ).

Lucifer is good with this requests.

I personally believe love is beautiful but you need to realize that “ true love” and “the one” can be only you for yourself, the other person is just with you to help you grow and you helping them grow…

What I dont understand is how can you be with someone for 5months…and say they are not “the one” therefore you will cut them off … and than you are saying they are too good for you… like thats a bit crazy and it sounds unstable from your side, like you dont clearly know what you want .

No offence man😊, just been there in the past …

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I’m grounded with this idea : i think there is someone who’s the best for me;
but i don’t know how can i know something this large…
No offences, don’t worry, this thing is instable and makes me more instable.

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There might be someone for you, but will you be the best for them?
You said about that girly with which you are 5months that she is too good for you… that sounds like low self esteem man and like pretty much unstable mind.

How can somebody who is too good for you not be suitable for the request which you have ?
The request which sounds “ someone best for you” when you cant handle somebody who is “too good for you…” - as you said.

Yes, that’s a “who’s best for me”, she is a good girl I care about her but i don’t see it as love? I don’t know man…That’s a huge topic

You are dating 5 months and still no Sex??? :flushed: Maybe it’s time to take a decision cause the rest of the friendship might be igually boring.


She’s virgin, i don’t blame her…

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Oh a virgin, that’s nice but not so cool… lots of invested time.