Hello nature

For awhile there, I gathered interesting things from nature to use in rituals - leaves, flowers, etc. I’ve come round to a different point of view this year - that, by and large, nature should be left where it is, and you should bring your ritual to it. That’s led to some thinking about how to do both, connecting places without really taking anything from one place to the other. Anyone into nature have any thoughts in this department?


I love it. And, to answer your question, every time you physically bring YOU from one place to another, you are filling that exact role. As within, so without, right?

But in a technical sense: many of us talk of charging a stone or linking a spirit to an object, but few really consider that YOU can be that object. If you tune yourself to a place, emotionally, spiritually and energetically, then that becomes a part of you and is carried wherever you go in the manner you suggest. I think this is what some non-occultists refer to when they talk about a place that is ‘dear to their heart’. We all do magick whether we realize it or not, right?

So, when you bring the joy from your happy home (or not) to your ritual location in the forest, you infest that location. And when you find peace in that forest, you bring it into your home, spiritually and energetically.


I think everything is entangled somehow. When we perform rituals we become aware of such entanglements. It is already there, we just bring that info to our conscious mind?