Hello, my name is Rose - need help

Hi everyone, just introducing myself as requested. Female, mid 20’s.
Decided to make an account after finding this site from random researching and reading through various posts because I could not sleep - it’s now 4 am and I have so many questions… this may be a little long, but hopefully someone on here can chime in their thoughts; especially about the end of this post…

I guess I’ll start by saying while I do not actually not actively/physically practice magic, I’ve had enough life experiences (and things I cannot explain happen to me or that I’ve seen) that I am a believer that nothing is impossible…
I have two degrees, in a science/health related field, which I only bring up to emphasize that I try to look at most things with an open mind but at first always a degree of skepticism to rule things out or rationalize them… well, I can’t rationalize the fact that I haven’t been able to sleep well for the last few nights, and when I do, I have vivid dreams / nightmares, and I have been experiencing this “extra sense” that I cannot describe? As if I am just now able to feel this presence or energy around me that’s always been there but just now I’m able to sense? >>(tonight’s earlier research consisted of the books the Key of Solomon, the GV, and other various occult such as the Kings…).
Just now, after reading through posts about Enns, and specific demons, I’ve had a few distinct things happen… sitting outside alone in the dark on my porch: I felt myself zoning out, my neck hairs stood up on end, I feel an intense staticky feeling around me, I heard a mans voice around the corner of my house followed by three distinct taps, and have this, idk how to describe it except for a perception of a mans presence? I’ve been focusing in on it, it doesnt feel scary, and when I do, it intensifys.

Wondering if I somehow summoned something? Thoughts and insight are greatly appreciated. Ty :heart:


Welcome to the forum.

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Well. I’d suggest using the search function to look up banishing and lbrp (is that the acronym guys? I don’t use this one, I do something different).

For one your tired it sounds like. Magicians often use fasting and sleep deprivation to help them get into states that allow them to communicate with beings easier.

It’s also commonly believed that merely thinking about working with a being, will let it know it you are out there.

The other option is I’ve had spirits approach me on their own accordance.

Welcome to the forums… Good luck. Thanks for doing a proper introduction:) seems you read enough here to at least get started.

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Knew I was wrong- it’s lrbp. Sorry had to hit search myself.

You were actually right the first time lol

It’s LBRP, which stands for the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.

Thank you for your reply & suggestions, I’ll have to look that up on how to perform it… I have an update - sorry for the late response i ended up sleeping through most of the day -. Before going inside last night, I think it communicated with me somehow??

In my mind I kept asking for a name, and I thought I kept seeing flashes of what spelled “rosier” as well as appearing on the condensation of my cup of water… then it changed to what looked like “God” and then to “Bal”, so I asked are you Bal? And I swear the condensation changed to say “No”. Then the energy felt like it completely dissipated…(also yes I was a bit tired, but definitely not to the point where I feel like I was delusional - I sound crazy to myself even right now but I know what happened, which is I came on here for some guidance.) After that I went inside and fell asleep. Then in my dreams last night the name Raziel kept appearing very clearly.

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When I first started reading the goetia I got chills and a variety of phenomena happened to me .

You can also try sword banishing from the book ‘magickal protection’ it works well for beginners. :sparkles:

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