Hello, my name is Jay, and i'm an alcoholic, err a new member, yeah

Hi, Jay here.

Sober for six years btw, thanks to Magick.

I own and have read many EA’s books, as well as the Anthology series and some of the re-released paperbacks. I really enjoy EA Koetting’s body of work. TLDR;

Anyways, here’s my Magick Resume:

Evocation and Necromancy. Mostly Goetia and spirit scrying. Almost intermediate. Good results every time. (I seek to influence, not conjure miracles)

Angelic and Nature. Intermediate.

Deep meditation, Projection, Bliss state (w/o hard drugs) are a passion. I’m intermediate.

Elemental magick for personal transformation. Intermediate getting Advanced

Ceremonial Magic. My own brand. Work in progress.


I’m in it for the profound communion with our Universe, and recognize my body as nothing more than a fancy plant on an arbitrary world. This world, of course being poisoned by greed and lies. Cool trees and food variety though! Strawberries MUST be divine. The planet is so huge too wow. Crazy sizes and hard edges. And jebus can you ever get over these vehicles we made? Fun stuff. Why the fuck are we like 8 BILLION? Few more years, lol. Humanity sure turned the place into a toilet though. Ey well. My physical instance can’t worry too much about all that shit anyways.

As for the mind, the experience of this life, this window we each have into The Enigma is the basic unit with which the Universe can begin to see itself. The more it stares at itself, the more it can create. (As we got “cleverer”, and asked more questions, we discovered more, and made more stuff.) Life’s absolute need to take in the environment by the senses, and pie-holes, not only sustains it, but defines its perception. One in the same. Enigma.

I want to dive as deep as I can into The Enigma, stare into the heart of chaos and create beautiful things.

I want to realize what I already know myself to be.




Since I’m a smoker, I’m really eager the learn about how you got sober using magic.

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Welcome to the forum.

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Hi, Jay [in unison]!


Hi @Jaydee, welcome!

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Welcome :blush:

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Rey, I was a smoker too. Quite frankly the notion that some pencil dick CEO of some tobacco company buying a yacht with my money while I poison myself with his product pisses me off.

NOTE: If you smoke, and enjoy it, then this doesn’t apply.

It’s the lack of control Rey. That’s what got me angry enough. I had these hippie style friends that did nothing but work, paint abstract art, whittle wood carvings, drink and smoke pot and cigarettes. Pretty “woodsy” down-to-earth types. Nice people and of course, being hippie types, they were anti-establishment. The woman had this natural witch vibe going too.

The fact that they were hooked on cigarettes made their entire image laughable since they were SLAVES. (iPhone anyone? Yep. Same diff) Hanging out with them always felt weird, after all, I never claimed to be anti anything, except anti dumbass, and anti-Apple for obvious reasons. (Obvious to some.)

So the Magick came in when I decided to stop being a slave. Yes the S word, because it applies here.

I asked myself, after having dabbled long enough, “How can a demon listen to me and do what I say, when I can’t even stop smoking? If I’m a slave, then how can I be a master?”

So there it is man. “How can I be any type of master while being a slave to cigarettes, or alcohol?”

The fact is, drinking and smoking is simply the cycle of:

  • wasting money on stupid crap
  • wasting time consuming stupid crap
  • looking stupid (booze) and smelling bad (smokes)
  • killing yourself slowly
  • being a slave
  • making a company (that I have no stake in) richer.

All I needed to do was to stop buying the garbage. It’s a cycle afterall.

… and the magick?

Consider magick to be a “buff” like kids would say, or a boost:

  • Use of Invocation (not possession, lmao) to take on characteristics of an entity. Imitation in other words. Find an entity that has attributes you need to vanquish your foe (smokes). Light a candle, whip out the sigil and improvise. Try to speak out loud, even if softly, but speak it (assuming you can speak, if not, use your internal voice). The words you speak, should be meaningful. Study the entity. Learn more about it. Become what you want.

  • Use of elemental magick for balancing your fire, water, etc etc. (Assuming you know a bit about this stuff, it’s all basic visualization.)

  • Evocation, to ask an entity to help you keep your focus. A friendly entity that likes to pop up randomly is great for this. Like a memory aid.

  • Talisman / Amulet, or just a twist-tie around your finger. Again, a memory aid. The talisman (a.k.a. SIGIL lol) is a symbol you can create that represents your “Will to vanquish cigarettes”. Put some effort into it and carry it with you.

Also, Magick is awesome and fun. Take a deep dive and let magick replace your cigarettes.

Smokes taste like shit anyways and you wake up tasting like a rat died in your mouth.

Just quit smoking man. Buy more magick books!!!


Thanks, I’ll try.

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Good for you @JayDee, :clap: I mean that. I know and understand how hard it is to cut the cord, so to speak, and take control of your life again. So congrats and keep it up.

…and also, welcome to the forum!!!

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Thank you. :heart:

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AA alchemists anonymous. I’m a fan of wee Willy Williams as well.