Hello, my name is Genderewo

Hi to you all, I am newbie in here also in magick. Been studying magick for 5 years and put into practice 2 years ago.

I am an Indonesian and practicing Javanese folk magick, and been interest with goetic demon for a while ago

Cheers, i hope we get along


Welcome to the forum. Can you tell me more about the folk magick you practice? I have read up on some American and European folk magick but find folk traditions from different cultures interesting.

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Welcome to the forum.

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Thanks for the question,

Javanese folk magick, also known as kejawen. The term of it not to refer to magickal practice but beyond that. It is philosophy about Javanese it self. Our diety, (Hyang Akro), The earth, the spirits, and our inner self.

There’s so much variety about Kejawen its self, its affected by hinduism and Islamic tradition. The original teaching is gone and its been gone, rather by religion or disbeliever.

Now people practicing this as part of tradition and ceremonial without understanding the true essence of it. I am not expert my self, lol.

Speaking of magick it self its very similar with african voodoo. Its contain ceremonial magick, and so much preparation, evoking spirit to aid the magician.


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