Hello. My introduction as is required

Hello. My name is Samantha, but you can call me Sam. I live in north eastern Pennsylvania, United States.

Ive been lurking on this forum for a good year and a half now. (Found it through reddit iirc) I’ve begun taking a more hands on approach to magic…about a year ago. After reading Frater Ashen Chassan’s book - Gateways Through Light and Shadow I became fascinated with his work in ceremonial magic and approach to this art. His accounts on the summoning of angels, elemental kings, and the olympic spirits are unlike anything i’ve read elsewhere, I cannot recommend it enough to others.

I’m mostly interested in ceremonial magic, hermeticism, occult philosophy, and angels. I know this forum is more LHP/demon focused but I am more drawn to and interested in angels and other such entities. They, along with dragons, have always fascinated me, even as a little girl and I hope to properly work with them one day. The angel I’m most drawn to at the moment is Raphael and I hope to work with him in the future. Currently, I’m trying to learn energy work through Robert Bruce’s methods….but its very slow due to my extremely limited amount of free time.(12 hour shifts 5 days a week) I’m also playing around with some of Damon Brands works, but again, I’m slow. Ha

My other experiences in magic other than books are meditation, tarot, LBRP/MP, incense crafting, a few sigil works, and a few evocations. Sadly, none of the evocations amounted to anything, due to poor planning, poor mindset, and lack of senses on my part. I lack any “special gifts” or help from “guides” so I’ve had to go about everything through trial and error (mostly error) learning what I can from books and the net. This forum has been a great resource for me to learn and I hope by making this account I can grow with you all.

Also I wish to offer a special thank you to DarkestKnight for your incredible knowledge and for releasing your angelic mantras to the masses. I’ve been trying them here and there along with the Mesh Ka mantra to try and open my senses. No luck as of yet but I’ll keep at it.

I’ve written this all out on mobile so if the formatting or grammar is off, I apologize.
I hope i’ve answered all the required topics. If I’ve missed anything, let me know. Thank you for reading my intro.


Welcome to our corner of the internet.

Don’t worry, a lot of people around this parts work or has worked with angels, is all part of this massive leviathan we call magick.


Welcome to the forum.

As @ReyCuervo said, angels get some work around here, too. Follow your path.


Hey! Welcome to the forum.

Angels are incredible spirits to work with. Their energy works better for some, and sometimes their manifestations work better for different situations. Plus, they have really interesting mythology behind them in Judaism.

Don’t let this discourage you. Some people start slower. Dedication to developing your senses will prove that you’re very dedicated to the spiritual world as a whole. Keep going and trying new methods if the old ones don’t work. Everyone works at a different pace.

Nice! I’m from Philly, there doesn’t seem to be many practitioners in PA so that’s a pleasant surprise. :sweat_smile:

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I’m near Williamsport. Pennsylvania as a whole is not as accepting of those who choose their own paths over mainstream paths however so. I imagine that probably factors in. Not compared to other places I’ve lived. At least in the areas I’ve lived in during my time here-15 years minus the 16 months in Washington State recently.


The Fuck…thats where I live! I had to do a double take seeing that, wow. Rofl Small world I guess. Hope the snow is treating you well! Hahaha

Ive called this state home for most of my life, only venturing to Ohio for a short few years. Hated it there though so I moved back. Something about Ohio just felt…off.


Well, I haven’t been into town in forever, but other than its a pain to roll down the hill to take my trash out, the snow doesn’t really effect me, as I can’t be out in it due to a health condition :slight_smile:

Hello there Sam, welcome to the forum :wave:t5:

Welcome to the forum :blush: