Hello, mandatory newbie intro incoming!

Hi, I’m Daisy (or B is fine)! I am an eclectic magician(?) I guess. I still feel like an infant about everything, yet I am 27 years of age. And I live in the US (super boring, I know).

I have an idea about where to start my journey on the LHP. I plan to make a black mirror and meditate on a black candle in the dark (I think that’s how that youtuber said it…). So, shadow work, pretty much. I am eager to jump right into things, but I know better…

I just keep getting super enraged at the fact that my bio dad let a child molestor try to groom me and lure me away. I haven’t thought about much else lately, just cold hard revenge. Lol, I probably shouldn’t be giving advice to anyone for stuff right now. At least not until I learn more.

Cool forum, cool people. Thought I’d join. :smile:

I hope I didn’t break any rules. :frowning:


Welcome to our corner of the internet.

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Welcome @Daisy_Bell

Do you have any experience in magick? You’ve told us you’re new to the Left Hand Path but not if you have any practical experience in anything at all.

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Oops. Yes, I do! But it’s very limited… I tried to get into the occult when I was a child, but my religious family were very disturbed by that. Yikes. The only successful magic I truly believe I cast was when I screamed and cried for someone to send this little jerk who bullied me and made me cry to bootcamp. My mother noticed I was upset and, being the good Christian woman she was, began praying for me. I began praying too, but I wasn’t speaking to God. I was speaking to someone else, imagining I was telling the devil to send this kid to bootcamp. I was very upset, but got it all screamed out, forgot about it and then went to sleep.

The next night we found out that boy got sent to military school the very morning (after I did the prayer/curse thing with my mom). Lol. That’s the only actual magic I can recall doing at the moment.

This is why I want to follow LHP. No religion or praying to “angels” has ever been appealing to me, not like the left hand path or baneful types of magic. Which I admittedly grew up calling black magic, same as every other unenlightened person. I just never wanted anything to do with praying to God and asking him for what I wanted. Darkness is quite alluring and I was a social outcast because of my inclination to it. And probably 'cause I would randomly teach other children my age about witchcraft when I learned something new. :smile:


Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience, and again, welcome to the BALG forum.

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Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your time here and learn many useful things.

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Welcome. :dizzy:

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Maybe Andromalius could help you to take revenge!
You have all my approval!

have fun learning. Just be careful. infants tend to get into trouble without safety procedures. =o) the cool people here would worry about you. hehe.

You might want to check out the book magickal attack by gordon winterfield for your revenge. Or demons of magick for access to the 72 goetia demons. that book is open ended in what you want cuz you ask help from whatever demon that specialize in area you want to work on.

Welcome to the forum :blush: