Hello Magicians

Hello, my name is Nolan. I came to magick as a way to heal myself and spiritually ascend. Let me give you some of the things i need help with.

My family doesn’t have much discretionary income, so I cannot pay for these services on this site.

  1. I come from a past where at only 8, i was raped every day for around 6 months. Because of that i have been extremely scarred. All i really want is to heal from that. I’ve tried going through the counseling for it but that only hurt me more.

  2. I’m wanting a mentor for the beginning of my magickal journey. There is simply so many types of magick and i don’t know to begin. Like i said, i do not have much money to spend and even if i did my family is extremely christian and doesn’t believe in magick. Can anybody help me?


Omg bro i feel so sorry for u. Trust me ik what it is to go through a troubled childhood but it will get better it always does trust me​:heart::heart::heart:

Thank you. I really appreciate it.

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I truly hope someone here will help u! If not pm me

Yeah i hope so too. I just want this misery to end and get my life together.

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U will😊 u deserve a great life. And im truly sorry the life u deserve has not yet been given to u. But trust me u will find happyness and peace😘

You’re on the right path to healing just by coming here. I also had an abusive childhood on a daily basis. Your experiences may have broken you emotionally, but you will rise above it I’m sure of it. Just remember tough times create tough people. Don’t let your experiences ruin you but empower you.

I’ve only begun working with spirits (specifically Lucifer) for about 2 weeks now and it’s like everything has sprung back into life for me. I was pretty scared to work with spirits but it’s actually a very beautiful experience and they really do care about your happiness and wellbeing.

Just know that once you get better and heal, your experiences may be beneficial to someone else who may be going through what you went through. Wounded healers are the best healers in my opinion because they have a deeper understanding for their clients.


Again, thank you. i really appreciate it.

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Sorry to hear about your troubles.
And sorry to hear that counseling didnt help you.
My first advice must be to even If its hard counseling might be one of the best solutions.
To deal with any kind of trauma you need to face it thats the only way to overcome it, and that process is a challange no matter what trauma it is.
A normal thing with rape is the feeling of guilt that can happen to the victim and more so If the person is of young age.
You dont need to say more then you will ofc but i have 2 questions that may be important for it may have effect on you now.
1 did the person doing this to you got punished for it?
2 this is a though one, was it a person close to you?

Do you know of anybody of the sort that could help me? I still have no idea how to work with spirits.

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It can definitely be confusing with so much information out there. What I did was pray to him for a week to get me comfortable. I’m not sure if youve ever prayed to the christian god but you can make it like that or personalize it to your liking. What you do in prayer is youre talking to them as if they can hear you so just replace “heavenly father” with lucifer and just ask for a sign that he’s heard you. And end the prayer with the feeling of gratitude instead of saying “in the name of jesus christ” lol. You can also ask him to be your guide/mentor through these rough times of yours.

If you’re really sincere about wanting to heal, these spirits will step in and help but you have to ask. Lucifer is my recommendation because not only does he help and steer you in the right direction with personal issues but he also helps with family issues. He is beginner friendly too and very patient in my short 2 weeks of experience.

Once you do this for a week go for invocation. My invocations of him were amazing and nothing like i thought it would be, my room filled with positive energy and it felt like my heart chakra was already starting to repair in that moment.

So yeah start slow and you will grow from strength to strength and you will realize that your fears of working with him were ridiculous.

I hear “Amaymon” in EA Koetting’s videos. He said that Amaymon is the darkest form of Lucifer. Are there different forms?

I think that’s one of his masks or something? Idk really. I wouldnt overload yourself on information. That was my problem for a while. Just research what matters to you right now. Focus on getting help for your situation now and diving deep into the occult and it’s secrets later.

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Agree on what @Matt2 said.
Reason EA talks much about Amaymon lately is for the newest book and an upcoming ritual.
If you are new to this all then be aware its a gigantiska subject and trying to research all is impossible, start small.
Find something you are comfortable with, an exampel for healing is Raphael.
Get the sigil for him and meditate on that, thats a good start.
Take it all 1 step at a time.

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I really felt sorry for you…

How about you do an introduction?

There, members that are capable will msg you. You may also check out @anon39410973 she is willing to be of help to all. I hope she can help you in all you want.


Greetings Nolan,

I am also new to the forum, but not entirely new to the occult. I do not consider myself what one would call “adept”, but I have found a few methods, that from personal experience, I know work. If you would like someone to give you a direction to go in, feel free to message me.

As for healing from your traumas, that is a long journey that only time can heal.


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Just a heads up, @balkan, that as a new member, the OP cannot message you. PMs are restricted here for new members until they have reached a certain threshold of activity on the forum.


Sorry for the mistake, but it makes sense. And it is probably better that way for new members until they get their bearings on the forum. Thank you, DarkestKnight.

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