Hello, just starting with Left Hand Path. Succubus/incubus problem

Hello. My name is Kristers. I am new in the Left Hand Path and magick. My current goal is to actually learn how to do things in the spiritual world myself. This includes banishing the succubus/incubus attached to me. Any advice on that? More importantly, how can I torture them while making them weaker and weaker? They’ve ruined me so I want revenge now at this point.

More info on me:
What brought me here to this website is a change of mindset. Instead of relying on other people/spirits to help me ALL the time, I want to do something myself now with their help of course, but I don’t want to solely rely on them. I have not practiced magick for very long. I did some protection/banishing rituals a couple of years ago. Did they work? Protection - Yes. Banishing - partially, banished some but not all entities in me/on me. It seems to me like I’m attracting lots of negative entities in my life since my senses started to open. I’ve never done full black magick, but dark magick I have done for banishing. This time I need something stronger than a simple banishing ritual and I’m looking for revenge because this b*tch, I want to subdue her, kill her or hurt her before she leaves. I am 20 years old, if that helps.

Murmur brother. Offer them to him if you hear any screaming ignore it :slight_smile:

Get ready for our wonderfull moderators :slight_smile: you have to upload an introducion topic some info about you and what kind of magic you practiced or intrested in its a rule.

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I meant this to be a very short introduction and asking for guidance with the succubus/incubus.

I did do a lot of research for one night. I’ve found some information how to bind spirits to objects. So I did attempt it. Even though I am very new, the spirits tell me I have a lot of potential. I attempted to bind one of the succubus to a rosary. I’ve felt her get weaker and less aggressive when she is trying to hurt me, but still on me.

But how do I hurt her even MORE ? And then eventually banish? If she doesn’t go willingly…

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how did this succubus come to be in your life?

I did edit my post with more information about me. Thanks for the advice.

I have actually several sexual demons on me. 2 succubus and 1 incubus. One of the succubus, the aggressive one causes me constant anxiety and feeds off it. I’ve learned to handle it somewhat at the moment so it’s not too bad. How did she come into my life? I asked Lilith to show any succubus the way to me if they’re interested and SHE DID. I never practiced any magick at that point in my life. The other succubus I know her name and I want to keep her, but subdue her to only come when I want her to. The incubus, I want gone completely.

I asked Lilith several times and made her offerings to remove this nasty succubus and she won’t do it.

You’re like the second person in the last 20 minutes with the same issue. What is it with people that just think succubi are fun and games. You ask for some thing you get it and now you wanna refund LOL I’ll watch the thread but no more comments. Good luck

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That was 2 years ago when I asked for her and I din’t mean to get raped 24/7. :frowning:

I hate those sexual creatures they seems so abnormal and lowlifes to me if everything tryes to touch me i will call every diety i know to attack it and perform 100 banishings uhh ;/



The succubus and incubus spirits with me.


Gives me constant anxiety. Rapes me. It’s not okay. And I want revenge!

Ideal scenario - I want to learn how to torture her and weakening her at the same time and then banish her when she is weak enough.