Hello i'm new

Well hi i’m new here and i’m a amateur magician i hope we can help each other’s here and i have a high interest in occults,magicks,angels,demons and all supernatural creatures in general.Hope everyone will help me well since i’m a amateur at magicks and occults and i will have many questions if you guys can reply and answer though.

Welcome. Most people here are very helpful, so don’t worry about that.


Well i’m quite shy but thank you

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Can i ask you a few questions?

Yeah sure. But if you have any big questions you should create a topic.

Well okay so my first question is i’m a beginner what should i do first?

Well, what kind of spiritual things are you interested in most?

Everything that is related to magicks and supernaturals i interest in all

Like magicks,necromancy,angels,demons,vampires,nephilims,etc

Then I’d recommend that first you work on your energy and your astral senses.

Okay thanks

But how to work on my energy and astral senses?

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Get into the habit of meditating every day for at least 10 minutes to start out with, and feel free to increase the time as the days pass. And for your astral senses, all you need to do to develop them is to do spiritual work. Start out doing something small, like invoking the energy of a planet or simply sitting down and asking a spirit for something.

Do grounding help?

Yes. That helps stabilize your energy before you get to work.


Hey do you have any infos about the nephilims?

And do you use subliminal?

I don’t know too much about them. As far as I know they’re one of two things.

  1. Living people who are under heavy influence of the Watchers
  2. Spiritual beings created by the Watchers
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Are the war in heaven and angel-demon war actually happened or is it just a hoax?

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