Hello I'm new

Hi, I’m Lady Nevyx or just Nevyx.

I am still fairly new to evocation and spirit communication, and learning how to get better is why I’ve joined the forum.

Rather than try to explain my eclectic approach, it would probably be better to just tell what I’ve experienced so far. Please note I have consulted with all spirits mentioned to find out what is okay to post, so not everything is here.

Spirit guides, ancestors, Higher Self, guardian angels, ascended masters

Over a period of time I began reaching out to and communicating with my guides. I couldn’t always understand what I was being told, though, and sought to be able to communicate more directly. To this point, it had been feelings and symbols I was directed toward.


I began by seeking out Mepsitahl to help me improve my spirit communication. Read every thread here and followed all advice I could find.

Unfortunately we were unable to work together at that time. (She requested I post no details.) I send her gratitude for her work bringing others into greater awareness and communication.

Goddess Buné

I have an ongoing relationship with Goddess Buné, who is also known as the ancient Egyptian goddess Uajet, the spelling she prefers over Wadjet. I will write more later about my experiences with Goddess Buné. She emphasizes that when one approaches her for help, one be ready to work hard, show diligence, and have an eager, willing, and grateful attitude toward changing their situation.


Belial is just fine with me telling everyone that the first time I was reading about him one late night, he proceeded to come into my home and wake up my entire family. This was the start of the realization that I didn’t have to evoke anyone for them to just show up.

Realizing that made me exceedingly cautious and also exceedingly limp in my evocation attempts for some time. I was consistently afraid that even reading a single sentence about a spirit who had not specifically called to me - or even one that had - would force them to crash-land in my living room.

At present, I’m not quite over this yet, but using intuition along with my connection to my guides to determine who and when I should connect with new spirits.

Belial has helped me to recognize my own power to cause things to happen more than anyone else, mostly by dint of being present when something happens, and I ask him for help, and he points out I can do it myself.

President Marbas

President Marbas is amazing. I’ll leave it at that. He’s okay with me posting more, but I’m not just yet.


My interaction with Andromalius thus far has been brief, respectful, and professional. I have not had much occasion to work with him, and hope that my items do not get stolen, but for anyone who has had such an unfortunate occurrence, he’s highly recommended.


Dantalion… okay, I’ll just tell this one story. I haven’t had many dealings with Dantalion yet, but the ones I have had have been non-standard, it seems.

He appeared to me as an eight foot tall deer, standing on its hind legs. I was about to ask him something and he bent down and licked my right cheek. I was about to say something like I want you to ask permission, but then we just ended up hugging. I can still feel his fuzzy deer belly and deer front legs around me in a hug.

Yeah! Ok… that’s the story he wants me to tell.

Asmoday (Asmodeus)

His energy is like that of red rock. - this is true and that’s what he wanted me to write.

Spirits I have felt called by but have not contacted yet:



Thank you for doing an introduction and describing your experience. Welcome! :slight_smile:

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How did Belial startle your family? Did he knock over some furniture or books in the living room? Sounds like a fun story!

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He made the house very cold and thick-feeling, and lowered the vibration considerably so everyone was waking up repeatedly, feeling like they’d been shocked awake. He was testing everyone out I think. This again was without me summoning him at all, I was just reading threads here about him. No sigil nothing.

This has not happened since that first night, he doesn’t change the vibration at all when he comes around these days. I just summoned him on behalf of someone in another thread and while the atmosphere became thicker in this room, it hasn’t changed elsewhere in the house, and no coldness.

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